Olivia Munn's Best Beauty Advice Has Nothing to Do With Makeup

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Olivia Munn certainly knows a thing or two about working a bold lip, the correct way a pimple should be popped, and the importance of wearing sunscreen, but surprisingly, the very best beauty advice she was ever given has nothing to do with makeup, hair, or even skincare.

The star, who has no shortage of empowering advice for the masses, takes a very inside-out approach to beauty, starting with the energy you give off. "You can't live a positive life with negative people, and that definitely radiates through you. It's all in ourselves," she tells InStyle. "There are high vibration people, and low vibration people. There are high vibration words, and low vibration words. You need the people around you to lift you up and encourage you, but you should also lift them up and encourage them."

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Sage advice to being a good friend, for sure. There are definitely so many ways to be beautiful, and radiating positive vibes is part of it. "I think that's what makes people the most beautiful. You can't put makeup on the inside, but when you have that kind of positivity, it shows through, and you need those positive people around," she adds. "Make good choices with people in your life, and make sure you have all of your best girlfriends around you."

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