Even Hilary Duff is a fan.

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Ole Henrikson Glow Toner
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Whether your social distancing beauty routine includes a full face of makeup or you haven’t but dabbed on a spot of concealer in weeks, I think we can all agree that our skincare routines are thriving. With quite literally all the time in the world at our disposal, face masks, serums, and oil treatments are welcomely dotting days of at-home conference calls and meetings.

It’s also been an ideal time to experiment with new products to tackle the most finicky of skincare woes. And based on the fact that this dark-spot erasing toner has been selling out over and over, it’s clear Sephora shoppers have found a solution with this Ole Henriksen pick.

The Glow2O Dark Spot Toner has racked up more than 100,000 ‘loves’ from Sephora shoppers who say it has transformed their skin for a more even and glowing complexion in just a matter of days. But it’s not just savvy Sephora shoppers who are on board with the brightening toner. In a beauty tutorial for Vogue, Hilary Duff shared that she uses the toner daily to treat her own hormone-induced dark spots.

“One really cool thing that happened to me when I had babies was I got melasma. It hangs out right here on my forehead,” said Duff. “Every day I just say a little prayer that [Ole Henriksen Glow2O Dark Spot Toner] is taking care of that dark spot right there.”

The secret to its popularity lies in the lightweight formula’s blend of high-potency AHAs, pore-refining witch hazel, and a brightening blend of natural extracts to target dark spots while smoothing out the skin’s overall texture for a complete complexion overhaul. Going through pages of five-star reviews left by shoppers, it’s clear why it’s become a skincare staple for so many — and continues to sell out each time it’s restocked.

“My skin has not been thriving in quarantine and my texture was going bananas. I normally have very clear, smooth, normal/dry skin with just a few blemishes a month from hormones,” one reviewer said. “One day I woke up and my skin felt so congested, like every pore on my face was clogged. First I decided to just be really diligent with my regular products (including physical exfoliators) but I didn't have any results and my skin continued to have a rough congested texture for a few weeks. I applied this toner at night along with my regular products and the morning after my skin was back to being smooth! My skin feels glowy, healthy, and not stripped or dry. Also it smells SO GOOD, like citrus peels and a spa.”

Treat yourself to the multi-tasking dark-spot erasing toner before it inevitably sells out once again.

Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner OLEHENRIKSEN
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