This $13 Night Cream Clears Up Wrinkles in a Week, According to Shoppers

“​​What sort of magic is in this container?”

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60-Year-Olds Say This Anti-Aging Cream's Kept Them Wrinkle-Free for Decades
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In the pantheon of beauty buys, you'd be hard-pressed to find one with a longer legacy than Oil of Olay. If I had a dollar for every time I read a review declaring its demonstrated wrinkle-reducing power, I'd be on a yacht in the Mediterranean. And according to shoppers, the brand's done it again with the Total Effects 7-in-1 Night Cream — a normally $22 jar of cream that's now going for 13 bucks.

This might be controversial, but I'll say it: The Night Cream's ingredient list looks even better than Olay's trademark product. The brand's Moisturizing Lotion (the modern incarnation of Oil of Olay) contains two hormonally active parabens, ethylparaben and propylparaben, and while they're fine for your skin, environmental scientists, reproductive epidemiologists, and endocrinologists caution that they may have negative ramifications on breast cancer, fertility, and other hormone-related conditions. Not what you want from skincare.

So it's a whole-hearted positive that the Night Cream forgoes parabens in lieu of an ingredient list that features brightening niacinamide, conditioning panthenol, vitamins C and E, tea plant extract, and a gentle retinoid (head's up — look to Olay's website for this info since Amazon's page lists the ingredients for a different product). Per shoppers, the combination of illuminating, moisturizing, protective, and line-softening elements is a home run.

Olay Total Effects Night Firming Cream Moisturizer

Shop now: $13 (Originally $22); and

"​​What sort of magic is in this container?" wrote a fan. "In one week, wrinkles are clearing up, especially in the area of my forehead." They added that even in a hot and humid setting, the Night Cream didn't clog their pores, and other reviewers agree that it goes on without any grease. Those in their 40s and over are especially impressed by the anti-ager's smoothing effect; as one person said, "I feel like deep lines have gotten more subtle, and my skin overall looks younger."

The speedy timeline is a major point in Olay's favor, according to an enthusiast who saw their skin "noticeably" soften overnight — and the effects extended to their neck with continued use, helping to disperse some newfound crepey texture. After two weeks, a different person said the Night Cream firmed their jaw and "almost totally erased" the smile lines around their mouth.

And where some skincare products give fantastic results at first only to plateau, a 60-year-old who's used the cream for the last 30 years says they still have no wrinkles. All of the above might be why the Total Effects 7-in-1 Night Cream is currently sold out on Olay's website, but it's still available on Amazon, and for even less money. Try it for yourself for $13.

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