Shoppers Say This Hydrating Drugstore Serum Helped “Plump Fine Lines” Until They Disappeared

Shoppers Say This Serum Helps “Plump Fine Lines” Until They Disappear — and It’s 63% Off

Plus you can save $1 more with this code.
By Amanda Richards
May 04, 2021 @ 5:15 pm
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Anti-wrinkle creams, a double-cleansing ritual, an elaborate multi-step skincare routine that takes an hour every day to complete — when it comes to keeping your skin healthy, we support any and all choices made in front of the bathroom mirror. However, there’s one key aspect that’s crucial to any healthy visage: hydration. Moisturized skin is the foundation upon which all other skincare rests, and that means you’ll want to start strong. Luckily, there’s no stronger approach to total skin hydration than Olay’s Regenerist Max Hydration Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, and right now, it’s a whopping 63 percent off.

Regenerist MAX Hydration Serum with Hyaluronic Acid
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The Regenerist Max Hydration serum was formulated to quench parched skin by way of a serious dose of hyaluronic acid, a moisturizer that’s already naturally-occuring in the body. The lightweight serum penetrates the surface of the skin in seconds, setting the stage for long-lasting hydration and a soft, healthy glow. It’s got Olay’s max concentration of it’s signature Skin-Energizing Complex, which contains both the aforementioned hyaluronic acid and a healthy, brightening dose of Vitamin B3. It’s also completely free of fragrance, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and synthetic dyes — in other words, it’s nothing but goodness for thirsty, flaky skin. 

So, what’s the best way to allow the serum to work its magic? The brand recommends applying a generous amount in an even layer to your face day and night, right before you lock all that hydrating goodness in with your usual moisturizer. However, on days when you might need a bit less hydration (for example, a sweltering, humid summer day), you can use it on it’s own for a refreshing, lightweight skin pick-me-up. The efficacy of the product is enough to pique curiosity, but there’s also the price: Typically just under $44, the serum is on sale for $17 right now. Plus, if you use the code SKIN at checkout, you can save $1 more.

In other words, if you need moisture, now is the time to act — and hundreds of shoppers concur. According to them, the results are undeniable.

“The deep lines in between my eyebrows were so severe I was contemplating some sort of fill,” writes one customer. “I looked angry all the time. I thought I would give this product a try first. After only using this for three months religiously, twice a day (and I don't skimp on the amount), the lines are almost gone, it’s incredible. Many people have noticed it and quickly wanted to order this for themselves.”

Others said that they saw results even faster. 

“Within three days, my skin was noticeably plumped and looked and felt very hydrated,” writes one shopper. “The serum has a beautiful silky texture and went on like a dream.” Another writes, “I really have noticed a difference with my skin, it looks dewy. It seems to soften my fine lines, and this has been my go-to serum since I have received it. I have to say that I am very happy with the results.”

If plump, hydrated skin and softened fine lines and wrinkles are what you’re after (and really, who among us isn’t?), head to Olay and shop the Regenerist Max Hydration Serum while it’s still on sale for 63 percent off — and don’t forget to use the extra $1 discount code SKIN at checkout.