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This $5 Brow Gel Has Replaced My Favorite Pricier OneMy eyebrows were a casualty of the early 2000s in the sense that when I say I tweezed them into one singular line of hair, it is not at all an exaggeration. I remember once telling a friend that I simply “looked better without eyebrows,” so there’s that. The only person who had any sense at the time was my mother — who begged me to quit plucking the everliving life out of the thin lines of hair that resided below my forehead. 

After time passed and trends evolved, I finally decided it was time to restore the damage I’d done on my brows for the last decade or so. Thankfully, my brows — through years of training — rose from the ashes like a phoenix, and now, I tend to them like the miracle story they are. That of course includes using a brow gel on the daily so they look their best.

And since I generally try to scale back my makeup-wearing days in the summer, I often forgo restocks of my usual makeup staples for  more budget-friendly options — which is exactly how I found my new holy-grail brow product, the NYX Cosmetics Control Freak Eyebrow Gel

As is the case with most great makeup discoveries, I started with a Google search and ended up on Amazon. In my quest to find a dupe for my usual brow gel, I came across this NYX one thanks to the thousands of glowing reviews the formula touted. Then, after spotting the $5 price tag, it was in my cart within seconds. 

Since I first tried Glossier’s Boy Brow years ago, I’ve been sold on it. It gives my brows just enough hold without feeling sticky and locks them in place throughout the day unlike any formula I’d used before. But with a $16 price tag — and with a whole lot of brow to cover — I wasn’t above finding a dupe to fit into my low-maintenance summer makeup routine. And based on the reviews, it’s clear I’m not the only one who’s made this discovery

“I bought this because I ran out of Boy Brow and didn't feel like paying for a refill,” said one Amazon shopper. “I'm SO glad I didn't. I will be using this from now on. This holds brows in place and isn't heavy. You only need to sweep over the brows one time and you're good. For such an affordable product I'm seriously so impressed, I don't usually buy cheap makeup but this has blown my mind and now I’m wondering why I've been spending so much money on products that might work as well as drugstore brands.”

I’d have to agree. The clear gel tames my often-unruly brows into a natural and defined shape, and keeps them that way throughout the day without ever feeling heavy or sticky. And at a price tag that’s less than my daily latte, it’s one staple I plan on keeping in my makeup bag for a very long time.

You can head to Amazon to get the lightweight brow gel I now swear by for only $5. 

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