This Exfoliator Makes Skin So Soft, It's Sold Out 9 Times in the Last Year

The $18 favorite is back.  

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This Exfoliator Makes Skin So Soft, It's Sold Out 9 Times in the Last Year
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When a beauty product sells out once or twice, that's good. But when something sells out nine times in the span of a year, that's a "holy smokes" moment — especially when the fervor runs across continents, and the sell-out fever includes Canada, Europe, and Asia. Truly, for a minute there no one on Earth could get their hands on Nuria's Defend Face Exfoliator, but the under-the-radar label's hero product is finally back.

If you aren't familiar with the brand, it's one of those indie lines that shoppers seem to have a unique proclivity for. People with skin they describe as "older" and "more delicate" wrote on Amazon that it's supremely satisfying to see their "old, dead skin peel up and wash away." The formula works similarly to gommage exfoliants (like Cure's Aqua Gel) by balling up on itself to gently slough off skin — but at less than half the price of the K-beauty favorite.

According to other fans, the effect is both gentle and instantaneous. That's most likely thanks to a mix of exfoliating lactic acid and conditioning glycerin and ginkgo biloba extract; the latter is an especially smart addition, since ginkgo biloba extract contains flavonoid ingredients that protect against free radicals and reduce redness, dryness, and inflammation. It's a far cry from the damage that too-harsh physical scrubs can inflict on skin, and per reviewers on the brand's website, the combination reveals a difference in their skin in as soon as two uses.

Nuria - Defend Face Exfoliator, Face Exfoliating Scrub

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"My skin texture has improved immensely! Skin feels like I've had a facial after use," wrote one person of their experience after several weeks with the Defend exfoliator. Another commenter said the product leaves their face "so soft," and even those with sensitive skin said they haven't noticed any irritation or over-drying. "Truly believe this is the best exfoliator out there," wrote a last person. "Right after use, my skin is truly glowing (I have never gotten this result from anything else I have used)."

Even fans with perioral dermatitis and acne flaring up at 60 are in favor, and that universal appeal just might be why the brand struggles to keep it in stock. Pick up the exfoliation wizard for $18 at Amazon or Nuria's website.

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