Your hair and skin are about to have an unexpected savior.
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Amazon Skin Oil
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If you were to check Amazon’s body oils section (which you probably already have because #winterskinproblems), you’d notice one of the best-sellers sounds a little bit more like a snack than a moisturizer: Now Solutions’ Sweet Almond 100% Pure Moisturizing Oil.

It turns out, there’s a shrub called the sweet almond bush that’s entirely different from the almond trees that produce the popular nut (the almond bush got its name for its scent rather than for what it produces).

Sweet almond oil, which is made by pressing the plant’s kernels, contains a slew of fatty acids that can be effective in homeopathic medicine and cosmetics. Topically, the oil can act as a powerful agent to soothe and soften chapped skin and kill germs. And sweet almond oil isn’t just a thing, apparently it’s the thing for skin- and hair- care.

“Can use almost anywhere leaving you looking and feeling great! Just ordered another bottle,” one five-star reviewer wrote.

NOW Solutions in Sweet Almond Oil
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Shop now: $8;

The family-owned and operated company behind the best-selling body oil with thousands of positive ratings has been around since 1968, giving it — and this product — a lot of time to build a strong fan base. With over 5,300 customer reviews, the sweet almond oil has a cumulative 4.7-star rating thanks to its ability to boost your skin and hair’s moisture retention, leave your skin glowing and healthy-looking, and affordable price tag.

Multiple customers assert sentiments like “definitely recommend to others” and “I will buy again,” especially because the oil is so adaptable depending on your lifestyle and self-care needs. Some shoppers apply it straight out of the bottle, while others use the oil as an ingredient in DIY scrubs, lotions, and other skin-care products.

One shopper explained, “Excellent moisturizer. I use three drops almond oil plus one drop frankincense for my face twice daily and it's worked wonders for my complexion. I also use it on my arms and it has helped to fade some large purple scars.”

Another said, “Normally I get Neutrogena sesame oil but it isn't all natural and contains alcohol which can basically dry out the skin. I've decided to try this almond oil and its great. Works best when immediately applied after a shower and will last all day. And it doesn't leave your hands feeling oily or greasy either. It doesn't have much of a scent which gives you an opportunity to add something in it for your own scent.”

To address your cold-weather woes, sweet almond oil might just be the moisturizing agent your thirsty skin and hair crave. Try Now Solutions’ best-selling product for just $8 — for a moisturizer shoppers say they have “no complaints” about, what do you have to lose?