November 2010

Juliette Lewis-Due Date-hair
Photo: Dee Cercone/Everett Collection, CA

November 2010

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Leighton Meester's Soft Waves

Leighton Meester - Herbal Essence - Madrid - hair

THE STYLE A spicy cinnamon brown styled in billowing waves

WHERE An Herbal Essence event in Madrid

WHY WE LOVE IT Leighton Meester's style has a low-key vibe, but the slight contrast of straight hair on top and loose spirals on the ends gives the look a touch of polish.

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Kate Bosworth's Smooth Waves

Kate Bosworth - The Warrior's Way - hair
Lee Young-ho/Sipa Press

THE STYLE Bright platinum hair with a soft and subtle bend

WHERE Promoting The Warrior's Way in Seoul

WHY WE LOVE IT Usually we think of artful layers as the best way to frame a pretty face. But as Kate Bosworth's recent style showed, a few loose waves can have a similar effect. To make your waves work for your bone structure, clip the curling iron right at the point you'd like the hair to curve, then twist once away from your face. You'll get a wave that's more structured than the average tendril.

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Emmy Rossum's Messy Updo

Emmy Rossum - CNN Heroes - hair
Kyle Rover/, Jill Johnson/

THE STYLE A loose and twisty off-the-neck updo

WHERE The CNN Heroes Tribute in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT Crunchy, overly styled coifs can give updos a bad name. But Emmy Rossum's loose and ethereal is something else entirely: Low-key, romantic, and impossible to get wrong.

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Taylor Swift's Thick Bangs

Taylor Swift - American Music Awards - bangs
Alec Michael/Globe Photos

THE STYLE Deep, eyelash-grazing fringe and straight, simple strands

WHERE The 2010 American Music Awards in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Taylor Swift's sleeker, straighter look, created by her hairstylist Jemma Muradian, showcased the singer's pretty, nuanced hair color. Curly hair hides highlights-to check your tones after a salon appointment, be sure to request a glossy blowout.

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Jessica Alba's Slick Updo

Jessica Alba - hair - American Music Awards
Jason Merritt/Getty

THE STYLE Center-parted hair that's pulled into a tight, back-of-the-head bun

WHERE The American Music Awards in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT We love loose, romantic updos as much as the next girl, but there's something about Jessica Alba's sleek, frizz-free style that made us swoon. The part is precise, the stray hairs are sprayed down and the star's gorgeous features are front and center.

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Jennifer Lopez's Perfect Hair Color

Jennifer Lopez - Kohl's - hair color
Rachel Kelly/Photo Image Press

THE STYLE Soft caramel strands with subtle honey ribbons

WHERE A Kohl's business announcement in West Hollywood

WHY WE LOVE IT Jennifer Lopez's hair color just keeps getting better and better. This brown/blond mix is expertly nuanced and incredibly flattering against her warm skin tone.

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Katie Cassidy's Soft Waves

Kate Cassidy - GQ Men of the Year - hair
Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo

THE STYLE Touchable center-parted hair in a warm, sunny blond

WHERE The GQ Men of the Year Party in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Is it just us, or is Katie Cassidy channeling Blake Lively's enviable California texture? Pushing all the hair onto one shoulder gives a simple blowout an elegant finish.

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Leighton Meester's Faux Bob

Leighton Meester- hair - Harry Winston

THE STYLE A tucked-under fake-out bob

WHERE A Harry Winston event in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT As the face of Herbal Essence, Leighton Meester usually favors soft and flowy waves. This looped under coif is slightly more styled, but not overly so. The loose tendrils in front add an effortless, haphazard vibe.

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Rihanna's Red Extensions

Rihanna - long hair - red hair
Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images

THE STYLE Straight, down-to-there strands in a burnt, reddish tone

WHERE A visit to SIRIUS XM Studio in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT Given the range of Rihanna's looks, should her new hairstyles ever shock or amaze us? No. Do they every single time? Absolutely. The latest iteration seems like a step away from the wild and wacky, and step towards a sleeker, more polished finish. Of course, the Rihanna red color keeps the style from feeling one bit conventional.

Try on all of Rihanna's many looks now!

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Gwen Stefani's Faux Pixie

Gwen Stefani - hair - The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles
Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup, Jennifer Graylock/

THE STYLE An artfully twisted chignon that looks like a cute pixie in front

WHERE An event at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Gwen Stefani's hair choices tend to lean towards the avant-garde, but this polished little faux pixie was a turn to a more elegant, understated aesthetic. The crisp side part, white-blond tone and swooping bangs are subtle but striking.

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Sarah Jessica Parker's Soft Waves

Sarah Jessica Parker - Bambi Awards - hair
Eventpress Schraps/DPA/ABACAUSA.COM

THE STYLE Curvy, voluminous waves that fall below-the-shoulder

WHERE The 62nd Bambi Awards in Potsdam, Germany

WHY WE LOVE IT Sarah Jessica Parker's waves are proof that a down 'do isn't any less glamorous than a swept-up style. Her flat-to-the-head center-part builds gradually to lush, full-on volume, making the most of her long, blunt layers.

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Emma Watson's Adorable Pixie

Emma Watson - pixie - short hair
Ian West/Press Association Images/ABACAUSA.COM

THE STYLE A gutsy, gamine crop with short, jagged bangs

WHERE A Warner Bros. event in London

WHY WE LOVE IT As if we needed more proof that Emma Watson is all grown up! This ultra-short pixie-paired with matte red lips, no less-flatters her delicate bone structure and fine features. The mellow butterscotch brunet also works to warm her complexion.

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Miley Cyrus's Straight Hair

Miley Cyrus-George at Asda-hair

THE STYLE Extra-long cinnamon flecked strands

WHERE Launching her George at Asda clothing line in England

WHY WE LOVE IT Miley Cyrus has mastered the art of the beachy wave. But as yesterday's look proves, she also knows a thing or two about smooth and even texture. Long layers and curled-under ends prevent the style from looking drab.

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Gwyneth Paltrow's Silky Blowout

Gwyneth Paltrow-hair-Country Strong
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

THE STYLE Below-the-shoulder strands in a warm sunny blond

WHERE The premiere of Country Strong in Nashville

WHY WE LOVE IT For as long as we can remember, Gwyneth Paltrow rocked the straightest, sleekest (and chicest) long bob. And we loved it! But longer, softer and more lissome hair works for her too. Lush layers and slightly bent ends pair together for a sexy, touchable style.

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Rachel McAdams's Voluminous Style

Rachel McAdams-Morning Glory premiere-hair
Rob Kim / Retna Ltd.

THE STYLE A tousled blowout with amply lifted roots

WHERE The premiere of Morning Glory in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT Sebastian hairstylist Thomas Dunkin turned to a pile of Velcro rollers to give Rachel McAdams this lushly textured style. After setting the entire head in a "brickwork" pattern-that is staggered horizontal rows of rollers-Dunkin blasted them with the hot air of a diffuser and allowed the hair to fully cool. He then parted the hair deep and on one side to exaggerate the shape, and finished with a mist of hairspray.

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Dakota Fanning's Messy Bedhead

Dakota Fanning-Britannia Awards-hair
Tonya Wise/London Ent/Splash

THE STYLE Sweetly tousled strands parted in the middle

WHERE The 2010 Britannia Awards in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Dakota Fanning's pale blond strands are usually silky straight and totally polished, so naturally this slightly less fussy look caught our attention. The curled-under ends keep the allover piecey-ness from feeling too messy.

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Tina Fey's Sleek Hair

Tina Fey-hair-Megamind
Humberto Carreno/

THE STYLE A longish bob that's super-straight and swingy

WHERE The Megamind premiere in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT Liz Lemon favors prim and professional waves. Tina Fey, on the other hand, turns out a collarbone-length cut that's shiny, sexy and red carpet ready.

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Lake Bell's New Bangs!

Lake Bell-Decades Denim-hair

THE STYLE Long, full and straight bangs paired with loose spirals

WHERE The Decades Denim launch party in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Lake Bell is the latest star to jump on the bang wagon! Her version is extra-long, gorgeously thick, and adds a stark contrast to her voluminous waves.

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Sienna Miller's Glam Bun

Sienna Miller-bun-hair
Picture Perfect / Rex USA

THE STYLE Center-parted hair pulled into a high, wide bun

WHERE The UNESCO Gala 2010 in Dusseldorf, Germany

WHY WE LOVE IT Sienna Miller's adorable bun has a touch of polish thanks to a sharp center-part. The teased-out bun looks textured and casual, not overly pert and prim.

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Freida Pinto's Braided Updo

Freida Pinto-hair-Miral-Doha
Ammar Abd Rabbo/ABACAUSA.COM

THE STYLE Two side braids gathered into a low cluster

WHERE A screening of Miral in Qatar

WHY WE LOVE IT Freida Pinto favors simple styles-and who wouldn't if they were as blessed as her. In this more intricate look, stray pieces that have slipped out of the coif add an informal elegance to an otherwise ornate updo.

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Juliette Lewis's Long Bangs

Juliette Lewis-Due Date-hair
Dee Cercone/Everett Collection, CA

THE STYLE Loose bedhead waves and eyelash grazing, centerparted fringe

WHERE The premiere of Due Date in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Juliette Lewis's easy style is everything we want in a haircut-impossibly sexy and seemingly hard to screw up. Have a similar cut? Blow dry your bangs for a touch of polish, then let your own natural texture take the lead.

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