November 2009

Kate Bosworth-Hair Tip-Beachy Waves
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November 2009

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Emma Roberts's Piecey Curls

Emma Roberts-Hair-Giorgio Armani
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

THE STYLE Side-parted hair that falls into tight and separate spirals

WHERE A Giorgio Armani hosted event in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT For curls as well-defined as Emma Roberts's, work a dab of styling mousse into dry hair before blowing out. Most formulas contain polymers to help twists stay in place once you break out the curling iron.

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Eva Mendes's Avant-Garde Updo

Eva Mendes-Hair
Jim Smeal/BEImages

THE STYLE A curvy, twisty pile-up of loops that somehow manages to still look purposeful

WHERE The CNN Heroes Awards in Hollywood

WHY WE LOVE IT We may not be able to precisely describe Eva Mendes's complex style, but that doesn't mean we can't admire it. It's slightly asymmetrical, higher than expected, and exactly the kind of thing we've come to appreciate from this boundary-pushing star.

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Selena Gomez's Curly Bob

Selena Gomez-Hair
Jim Smeal/BEImages

THE STYLE A romantically waved chin-length crop

WHERE The American Music Awards in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Don't get us wrong, Selena Gomez's straighter, curvy bob is one of the cutest styles we've seen all year. (And you agree! It's one of the top try-ons in our Hollywood Makeover.) But as far as we're concerned this soft, shiny, spiraled version is giving it a run for its money.

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Cat Deeley's Double Bun

Cat Deeley-Hair-Updo-So You Think You Can Dance
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic, Tony DiMaio/Startraks

THE STYLE Two loopy buns piled one on top of the other

WHERE The Saban Free Clinic dinner gala in Beverly Hills

WHY WE LOVE IT Cat Deeley has such pretty, wavy hair (and tons of it!) that it's no surprise we usually spot her with it down. This innovative updo is surprisingly easy to execute: Gather your hair into a half-back ponytail, tuck it under, and secure the loop with pins. Then repeat with the hair that's still down.

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Carrie Underwood's Curly Cut

Carrie Underwood-AMAs-Hair
Hutchins Photo Agency

THE STYLE A new (!) below-the-chin bob with piecey, bouncy waves

WHERE The 2009 American Music Awards in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Carrie Underwood's fresh, short cut is unbearably cute, plus the side-swept, pinned back bangs add a prim-but still playful-touch.

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Kristen Stewart's Punky Crop

Kristen Stewart-New Moon Screening-Hair
Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic

THE STYLE A casual updo with textured, crested bangs

WHERE A New Moon screening in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT Kristen Stewart's edgy style isn't conventional, and that's exactly why we can't get enough of it. If you've got short hair at an in-between length, clip the back strands up with a handful of pins. Then work a dab of gel between your palms and finger-style the hair around your face. But don't be timid-confidence is a key component for working this look.

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January Jones's '60s Bun

January Jones-Updo-Hair-GQ Men of the Year Party
Andreas Branch/

THE STYLE A high, flat bun at the crown of the head

WHERE The GQ Men of the Year Party in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT January Jones's statement bun has a bewitching, I Dream of Jeannie sort of appeal-plus, it's incredibly easy to pull off. Smooth hair into a higher than normal ponytail and secure with an elastic. Twist strands into a tight rope, wrap it around the base of the ponytail, and hold in place with pins. No magic skills required.

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Penelope Cruz's Tumbling Curls

Penelope Cruz-Hair
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

THE STYLE Big, wavy spirals with tons of alluring volume

WHERE A screening of Broken Embraces in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT Penelope Cruz is one of the sexiest sirens in Hollywood, but this soft look is touchable and girlish in all the right ways. To give your strands extra bounce, try a body-building shampoo and condition regimen-new formulas contain moisture-attracting humectants that make the hair shaft look fuller.

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Halle Berry's Rumpled Pixie

Halle Berry-Black Hairstyles-Short Hairstyles
Fame Pictures

THE STYLE A short pixie with a sexy, bedhead finish

WHERE An Evening of Awareness event in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT Have we mentioned how happy we are that Halle Berry traded in her long locks for her signature stylish crop? To give your short cut a playfully mussed texture, let it air dry, then finger-style with a tacky pomade for extra shape.

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Michelle Obama's Mini-Pompadour

Michelle Obama-Hairstyle-Black Hairstyles
Stephen J Boitano/Globe Photos

THE STYLE A neat and brushed back coif with a hefty dose of volume

WHERE An event at the White House in Washington, DC

WHY WE LOVE IT We've been seeing pompadours on the red carpet for some time, but this is the first one we've spotted at the White House. Leave it to the First Lady Michelle Obama to transform this edgy style into something business appropriate (but not one bit dowdy).

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Whitney Port's Half Updo

Whitney Port-Half Updo-Hair
Michael Williams/Startraks

THE STYLE A wavy, centerparted style with a twisty half ponytail

WHERE The opening of Undrest Pop Shop in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Want to know a secret? Word has it that Whitney Port's signature twisty 'do was actually a look she came up with-and styled!-on her own. To try something similar, part your hair in the middle, gather two sections on either side of your head starting just above the ears, then twist and secure at your crown with a few bobby pins.

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Nicole Kidman's Piecey Curls

Nicole Kidman-CMA Awards-Hairstyle
Aaron Crisler/Retna
  • THE STYLE Loose and natural curls with plenty of texture and volume
  • WHERE The 43rd Annual CMA Awards in Nashville
  • WHY WE LOVE IT To create Nicole Kidman's casual and defined spirals, stylist David Babaii started with freshly washed hair. "My motto is rinse, rinse, rinse so you have a clean canvas," he says. He spritzed the hair with salt spray and scrunched it with his fingers as he blew it dry. He twisted small sections around a curling iron, pinned them in place, and let them cool. To finish, he took out the clips and loosened the curls with a bit of styling polish rubbed between his hands. "Remember, your hands can be your best styling tools," he says.
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Taylor Swift's Hollywood Waves

Taylor Swift-Wavy Hair-BMI Awards
Rick Diamond/Getty

THE STYLE Tight and structured waves with an undeniable '20s vibe

WHERE The 57th Annual BMI Country Awards in Nashville

WHY WE LOVE IT Platinum records, awards, a new boyfriend-no matter what's going on with Taylor Swift, we can't seem to stop lusting after her hair. This jawdroppingly elegant, old Hollywood style is one of our favorites yet.

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Rihanna's Honey Blond Strands

Rihanna-Black Hair-Blond Hair
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

THE STYLE Long on the top and flipped to one side, with tightly cropped sides

WHERE Glamour's 2009 Women of the Year event in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT Rihanna has been flirting with blond streaks and highlights all summer, and we couldn't be more pleased that she finally took the plunge. An added bonus? The flaxen color flatters her pearly, mocha skintone.

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Zooey Deschanel's Romantic Ponytail

Zooey Deschanel-Updo-Ponytail-Hair Tip
Russ Einhorn/Splash News

THE STYLE A low and pretty ponytail with flirty, flipped ends

WHERE The Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards in Hollywood

WHY WE LOVE IT Zooey Deschanel's soft ponytail was cute and casual without being one bit sloppy. For a similar style, backcomb the hair around the crown before gathering it into a low ponytail. Pull the tail forward onto your shoulder and curl the bottom few inches with a large barrel iron to add playful bends.

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Beyonce's Spiral Ringlets

Beyonce-Black Hairstyles-Curly Hair
Kevin Mazur/WireImage.

THE STYLE Tons of tight and tiny curls

WHERE The MTV Europe Music Awards in Berlin

WHY WE LOVE IT No, this isn't a crazy new style from Beyonce, but it's drop-dead gorgeous all the same. We especially appreciate the way the textured look accentuates her honey-colored highlights that get minimized with straighter styles.

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Blake Lively's Embellished Ponytail

Blake Lively-Ponytail-Hair Tip
Janet Mayer/Splash News, Brian Zak/Sipa

THE STYLE An ornate pile of pin curls tapering into a long, smooth ponytail

WHERE The Chanel Fete d'Hiver in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT The perfect solution for nights when a ponytail feels too simple and a complicated updo feels overdone. To experiment with a similar style, gather your hair into a half back ponytail, but secure only the bottom section. Twist, curl, and pin the top section until you find a balanced look.

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Thandie Newton's Long Bob

Thandie Newton-Bob-Hair
ara De Boer/Startraks

THE STYLE A sleek below-the-shoulder crop with subtle front layers

WHERE The 2012 premiere in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Is it just us, or is Thandie Newton having a Pulp Fiction moment, minus the bangs? Either way, her long bob (or "Lob") is the perfect cut for the low-maintenance girls among us. The crisp lines of the style allow it to fall naturally into place with very little extra effort.

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Kate Bosworth's Piecey Waves

Kate Bosworth-Hair Tip-Beachy Waves
Victor Boyko/Getty

THE STYLE Wide, undone waves and a bold center part

WHERE The opening of a Diane von Furstenberg art exhibition in Moscow

WHY WE LOVE IT It may look haphazard, but this beachy, windblown look does take a bit of effort-but not a single styling tool. Loosely braid damp hair and comb through the plaits with your fingers when they're fully dry. Finish by working a dab of smoothing serum into the bottom few inches for extra polish and shine.

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