Because it’s cold and *actually* washing your hair is a hard no.

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PSA: You Can Get Two Bottles of this Unscented Dry Shampoo for Under $10
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If you’re just settling into a routine of morning debates of whether you really have to wash your hair, welcome. After all, it’s cold out there, which makes the idea of putting your head in a stream of water first thing out of your warm bed a hard thing. While we can most certainly do hard things, this is one we can conveniently bypass thanks to the genius creation that is dry shampoo.

For me, dry shampoo season is a year-long affair. But there’s something about the chilly months of winter that makes it the easiest time to push your marathon of days without a full cleanse to a new personal record. And lucky for us, one of Amazon’s top-selling dry shampoos — and the one I call my personal favorite — is marked down, so you can get two bottles for under $10 and stock up on the haircare necessity.

Working in a hair salon during college, I had immediate access (and a coveted employee discount) to some of the priciest dry shampoos out there. But nothing lasts forever, so upon graduation I ventured into drugstore territory. Although I tried over a dozen powder and spray formulas upwards of $40 during my time at the salon, I would still give Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak the title of my all time favorite. Not only does one can last me a surprisingly long time, I’ve found it easily absorbs the excess oil in my hair without stripping it of necessary moisture some drugstore options had a tendency to do.

Another big plus that sets it apart from other dry shampoos is its pleasantly neutral and clean scent that doesn’t even verge on being too much. While I'm clearly a fan of the budget-friendly formula, it has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and its product page is filled with hundreds of raving beauty shoppers who feel the same way.

“I have been searching long and hard for a decent dry shampoo that still lets me style my hair but removes the excess oil,” said one reviewer. “This product does that and so much more! It truly makes my hair look like a day-one shampoo wash and I couldn't tell you how much this product has saved my hair from looking like I ran a 5k and then celebrated in baby oil.”

To get the most bang for your (very small) buck, you’ll want to spray the shampoo a few inches from your roots and let it sit for a minute or two before brushing away any leftover residue. A pro tip for brunettes wary of the dreaded white cast of dry shampoo? Even with dark hair, I’ve found Clean Freak absorbs without a trace, but you can also spray it in before bed so it has time to absorb overnight. You’ll awake to refreshed hair that, thankfully, doesn’t require a full wash.

Head to Amazon to stock up on the dry shampoo I consider a lifesaver year-round while its duo pack is discounted.

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo
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