Nicole Richie
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty

Listen, we are fully aware that mermaids (probably) don't exist. Even if they did exist, we know they wouldn't ever wear a smoky eye. It would be too complicated, what, with the salt water disintegrating the products and ruining the finished effect and all. Still, if, in a hypothetical world where mermaids were able to apply a smoky eye in the way we do—up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun—we imagine it would look a lot like Nicole Richie's aquamarine-tinted version.

Last night at the #REVOLVEawards in Los Angeles, the star mirrored the drama of her emerald green number with complementary tones on her eyes, veering slightly lighter and cooler rather than opting for a perfect match.

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To take a similar look out for a spin, start by blending on a mix of grey and ink tones in the same way you would with your traditional smoky eye. Apply a layer of eyeshadow primer, then follow by adding depth to the outer V and crease area. Drag a small amount of the dark shadow along your lower lashes to emphasize the shape, then pick up a shimmery aqua tone, and pat it onto the inner portion of your lid. Keep the coverage sheer in the center of the lid—the sparkles should be prominent, but so there isn't a harsh contrast in one section to the next, you'll want to make sure a little bit of the grey underneath is still visible.

Finish with liner and mascara as you see fit, then follow in Nicole's lead with a nude or muted lip color so as to not distract from the intensity being served by your eyeshadow.