The Face-Sculpting Tool Used by Jennifer Aniston and Miranda Kerr Just Launched a Customizable Version

It’s TikTok-famous, tool.

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NuFace Customizable Mini Launch
Photo: NuFace

By now, we know that getting the snatched, toned, youthful faces of supermodels and celebrities involves more than just investing in a new moisturizer or serum. To get their photoshoot-ready appearances, they use specialized devices like the NuFace Mini+ Facial Toning Device, which uses microcurrents to stimulate muscles for a lifted appearance. Used by Jennifer Aniston and Miranda Kerr, NuFace has now come out with a customizable version that custom-tailors treatments to your face's needs.

Integral to this process is an exclusive app for your smartphone that will unlock the brand's 3-Depth technology that comes in three modes: skin-tightening mode (to blur out fine lines and reduce wrinkles), instant-lift (for toning and contouring), and pro-toning (made for long-term, deep facial toning).

Mini Soldier

Shop now: $245;

The instant lift mode will give you visible results after only 15 minutes of use, while the pro-toning mode will give you long-term results, visible after 14 days of continuous use. The app also features step-by-step tutorials that are designed just for you, a selfie tracker to celebrate achievements and visualize your before and after photos, and reminders that will help you stay on track.

The set comes with everything you need to get started with the device: the facial toning device, Aqua Gel Activator, Silk C​​rème Activator, Clean Sweep Activator Brush, a power adapter for charging, and a user manual. Best of all, it also comes in an array of new colors for you to choose from: pink, lilac, and black.

Here's how it all works: NuFace's signature microcurrent technology imitates and stimulates the body's natural current, then the brand's proprietary blend of electrically charged minerals in the Aqua Gel Activator and Silk C rème Activator send the microcurrents down to the facial muscles creating a tighter, more contoured appearance over time.

To get a visual of what the NuFace device can do, we recommend heading over to TikTok, where the hashtag #NuFace has over 80.2 million views and #NuFaceTutorial has over 63.8 thousand views. In one TikTok, which has more than 568 thousand likes, user @cheygren shares the effects of using the device. In it, you can see that the device gave her jawline a visible contour and lifted her eyes.

Less expensive than injectables or plastic surgery, the new device and starter kit come in at $245 — a splurge, but the lifted, contoured, youthful results are a worthy investment.

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