By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Apr 26, 2018 @ 4:45 pm
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In just nine minutes, Naomi Watts totally revamped my beauty routine. After sitting down with her at the launch of Moroccanoil’s first-ever hair-color care collection, I now have the long-awaited answer to stopping wrinkles in their tracks, and the trick to moisturizing my fine hair without weighing it down. Watts, whose middle name could honestly be "Sephora," also filled me in on the secret to better lashes, and guess what? It has nothing to do with mascara, falsies, or extensions.

Now, in addition to being one of the most celebrated actors of her time, she's my beauty fairy godmother. Read on to get her advice for natural beauty beginners, her choice for the most effective anti-aging treatment, and her opinion on that viral Vintner's Daughter serum.

We're here to chat about hair-color care. When did you start first dying your hair?

I would have been in my mid-20s. I held off quite a long time. I remember my mom saying, ‘Don’t start. You’ll never stop.’ She was right. Mothers always know, right? I am a natural blonde, but my blonde is a bit ashy, and I needed some brightness.

Over the course of decades, my hair has taken a trashing. I need to protect it. On top of the color, I’m doing all kinds of things for work—flatirons and blow-dryers. It really does need treatments. I’m really excited to try these new products that just launched [from Moroccanoil].

What do you do to try to keep your hair healthy?

I’m lucky because I don’t have to do roots every six weeks like some people. If I’m not doing a movie, I’ve been known to just let it go. Now the additional issue is the grays—some tiny ones that can be easily hidden. I try to really space out my color appointments by at least two, three, even four months.

Would you ever just let your hair go gray?

If I look anything like my mom and the other women in my family who have not done color, I think I’ll be okay.

I think it’s beautiful.

When I see a gray-haired woman, I’m really impressed.

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I’ve read that you really appreciate natural beauty products. Have you always been ingredient conscious?

I’ve always been conscious of food and what I ingest, and now there’s a great market for natural products for skin. ONDA Beauty in New York is a new company that I’m involved with, and we sell all-natural skin products—as clean as you can get without them going off in three days. They all smell right and feel right, and I’m particularly fond of natural products for that reason. As you get older, you get more sensitive and reactive to not just how things feel, but how they smell. It makes you more cautious and careful of what you’re putting on your skin.

For someone who’s a natural beauty beginner, do you have any suggestions?

I would recommend ONDA Beauty because we have many different brands. Marie Veronique is a great one. She has a few products that I use, like her retinol. It’s a very active ingredient, and I use it nightly. Vintner’s Daughter—I’m a fan of that for the oil serum. African Botanics for the mud cleanser and the rose water, which is really lovely. It keeps your skin fresh. What else am I using right now? True Botanicals. They have a lot of great things. Next week I’m going to try a True Botanical facial. And then there’s great makeup! Kjaer Weiss, RMS. These are great brands to have.

The term anti-aging brings up a lot of emotions for people. How do you approach that category of skincare?

Well, you can’t reverse it. You can feel better, and a lot of it comes from how you’re feeling inside. Rest is a big component. Being hydrated. Your skin, your hair, everything. But yeah, retinol is really the thing that feels the most effective when it comes to anti-aging. And also making sure you’re doing things that make you feel good and being around people that make you laugh.

What’s the greatest beauty advice that you’ve been told?

To tint my eyebrows and my eyelashes. Framing the eyes is always great. I’ve got very pale lashes and eyebrows, which is a look that sometimes people like, but I think framing the eyes is a good thing.