15 Winter Nail Art Ideas Cooler Than a Polar Vortex

From sparkly tips to chic French manicures.

As soon as the cold weather hits, I intuitively reach for my black, oxblood, and navy nail polishes, then rotate between them until the ice thaws. While these dark, moody colors are often associated with winter, sticking to just three shades gets boring — quick.

But thanks to nail artists and nail polish brands sharing their latest manicures on Instagram, there's a whole world of winter nail designs out there to inspire you every time you get a manicure this season — along with intricate designs that are easy to DIY on your own. A few examples? Festive green glitter tips or a chic take on the classic French manicure.

Easy Nail Designs to Try for Winter

Keep reading for 15 of our favorite easy winter nail designs to add to your manicure to-do list.

1. Green Glitter Tips

Negative space sparkly green tips feel just as festive as a standard red and green manicure.

2. Icicle Nails

This sheer iridescent nail polish is as cool as all of the icicles outside.

3. Negative Space French Manicure

The French manicure is back, and its one of this year's biggest nail art trends. For a chic take on the classic, use a striping brush to paint another thin line parallel to the white tip.

4. Put a Jewel on It

A little bit of sparkle never hurt anyone, and this manicure is so unbelievably easy to do. Paint your nails with a clear base coat, then use nail glue to stick tiny rhinestones on your nail beds. The beauty of this manicure is that it's impossible to mess up — just add the nail jewels wherever you feel.

5. Candy Stripes

Switch up your solid red manicure by painting on a few different sized stripes.

6. Black and Silver Half Moons

The half moon manicure remains a super popular nail art design because it's so simple to do. Once you paint the base of your nail black, use a striping brush to outline the silver curve at the base of the nail. Then, fill it in.

7. Seeing Stars

This bejeweled star design is truly out of this world.

8. Peppermint Swirls

A few subtle white swirls is a fresh take on a solid mint green nail.

9. Shades of Grey

These light grey graphic lines look like cracked ice.

10. Winter Florals

It's grey and dreary outside. Some tiny, colorful flowers on your nails will help lift your spirits until spring rolls around.

11. Marble Nails

Marble is trending in the interior design space, but it also looks incredibly chic as nail art. Here, celebrity nail artist Thuy Nguyen added curved lines to MJ Rodriguez's extra long stiletto nails to achieve the effect.

12. Seeing Spots

Forget what you've been told: colorful nails are for all seasons. This polka dot manicure is fun and incredibly simple to do. Pick four polishes and mix and match the dots on your nails in whatever color combos you choose. You can opt for a nail art brush to draw the shape, then use the one from the bottle to fill them in.

13. Checkerboard Nails

From bikinis, rugs, to denim, checkerboard is having a moment. Unsurprisingly, it's become a major nail art trend this year, too. And the beauty of this design is that it's completely customizable: use neutrals for a subtle look or go bold with different shades on each nail.

14. Solid Gold

These chrome and black dots would make a festive holiday manicure, but still look seasonally-appropriate for anyone who wants to sparkle all winter long.

15. Cinnamon Swirls

Sugar, spice, and everything nice perfectly describes this cinnamon swirl manicure.

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