13 Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas, From Subtle to Flashy

Think outside the heart-shaped box.

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There are a million different ways to celebrate (or not celebrate) Valentine's Day, and this year, we'll be adding a few more to the list.

Whether you're flying solo or are happily coupled, getting into the season of love with playful and festive nail art is something we all can enjoy.

Go for a chic negative space heart design, or bust out a "more is more" mentality by adding all the glitter and accessories you can find.

Grab some inspo from our favorite Valentine's Day-themed nail art manicures below.

Subtle Black Heart

If you prefer your nail art to be on the quieter side, add a single tiny heart on an accent nail and then top it off with an ultra-glossy topcoat. Honestly, Valentine's nail art has never looked so chic.

Shiny Half-Moons

Keep your nail art simple with this easy-to-achieve design. Simply paint your nails red then, once it has dried, paint on a half-moon on the lower end of your nails with your accent shade. It's as easy as one-two-three.

Retro Lines

Keep things groovy with this funky two-toned design. Switch up the color combo, too, should you want to alternate between shades of reds, pinks, and purples.

Red Ladies

Bring out your artsy side with this illustrative mani. On top of matte red polish, take a thin nail art brush and draw on outlines of faces, lips, roses, and whatever else your heart desires. Best of all? Art isn't meant to be perfect, so there's no need to worry about mishaps.

Heart Cut-Outs

Instead of drawing a heart, paint your nails around one. If you're blessed with steady hands, props to you, but if not, place a heart-shaped sticker at the center of your nail and paint your nails around it. Once the polish has dried, simply lift it up and apply topcoat.

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Pretty In Pink

Keep it cute by applying heart-shaped nail stickers over a light pink shade. To keep them from peeling off, seal them in with two layers of topcoat.

Tiny Hearts

Give yourself a minimalistic mani by drawing on a tiny heart in the center of each nail. The result will be elegant and festive — perfect for Valentine's Day.

Hearts and Shine

Love is a cause to celebrate, and this mani matches the energy. With a combo of hearts, stars, and shine, you're bound to love this look.

Queen of Hearts

We're not saying love is a game, but you'll definitely have the winning hand with this create nail art.

Hearts Burst

These tiny, dusty light pink hearts over a clean, clear base are absolutely adorable. To create the look, dip a thin striping brush into your pink varnish of choice and outline the hearts first, then fill in and top with a shiny clear coat.

Modern Masterpiece

Channel your inner Picasso and paint super simple outlines of shapes, hearts, and blocks wherever you please over a neutral pale pink base to serve a dash of modern artistic flair. This look can be worn well past Valentine's Day.

Black Negative Space Hearts

If you think February 14th is a masterfully marketed Hallmark holiday but are still kinda into it, this design is for you. Get perfectly straight lines and heart shape by using a fine-tipped brush and tape to help you trace. Wrap up the look with a matte topcoat.

A Slight Blush

This Valentine's Day nail design is fit for a minimalist and super simple to recreate. After applying a neutral base, take the brush of your chosen shade and wipe off any excess polish on the sides of the bottle, then lightly graze a short, small line across to create a dreamy, whimsical design.

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