Think outside the heart-shaped box.

Valentine's Day Nail Designs
Credit: Unsplash

There are a million different ways to celebrate (or not celebrate) Valentine’s Day, and this year, we’ll be adding a few more to the list.

Whether you’re flying solo or you're snatched up, getting into the season of love with playful and festive nail art is something we all can enjoy.

Go for a chic negative space heart design, or bust out a "more is more" mentality and think back to your Valentine’s Day card-making elementary school days by adding all the glitter and accessories you can find.

Grab some inspo from our favorite Valentine’s Day-themed nail art manicures below.

Matte and Gold

A matte top coat finish and gold metal accents jazz up a classic Valentine’s Day red mani to make a big impact with minimal effort. To get the look, just place your studs wherever you’d like and apply a generous top coat layer to bind everything in place. Once it's dry, add a matte coat, et voila.

Go Wild

Not blessed with a steady hand? No problem! Let the heart-shaped nail stickers do the heavy lifting for you. Carefully slope the pink, white, and red arches around the nail tips — it’s easier than it seems, trust us — and clean up any lines with a Q-tip. Finish with a megawatt top coat gloss.

A Little Sparkle

What’s a celebration without a little glitter, after all? Pair a Barbie hot pink hue with accent nails on each hand swathed in rainbow glitter varnish. Then just try to be in a bad mood, we dare you.

Romantic Ombré

These simple nails are a dream for a true romantic’s vision of February 14. Paint your favorite shades of pink or red on four fingers of each hand, and swirl a hazy ombré on your accent nails. After it dries, add a few dots of gold foil to amp up the femininity.

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Low-Key Love

These tiny, dusty light pink hearts over a clean, clear base are anything but cheesy. To create the look, dip a thin striping brush into your pink varnish of choice and outline the hearts first, then fill in and top with a shiny clear coat.

Classic Red — With a Twist

Never underestimate the power of a sexy, bombshell red on Valentine’s Day. Start by painting your nails a perfect va va voom shade of red. Once they’re dry, press a small heart sticker in the top center of the nail bed for a flirty take on a classic.

Modern Masterpiece

Channel your inner Picasso and paint super simple outlines of shapes, hearts, and blocks wherever you please over a neutral pale pink base to serve a dash of modern artistic flair. This look can be worn well past Valentine’s Day.

Black Negative Space Hearts

Think February 14th is a masterfully marketed Hallmark holiday, but still kinda into it? These chic nails are for you then. Get the perfect straight lines and heart shape by using a fine-tipped brush and tape to help you trace.

A Light Touch

A Valentine’s Day nail design fit for a minimalist. And the best part? It’s super simple to recreate. After applying a neutral base, take the brush of your chosen shade and wipe off any excess polish on the sides of the bottle, then lightly graze a short, small line across to create a totally dreamy, whimsical design.

Mix and Match

A bold, bright pairing of orange and hot pink works way better in practice than in theory for a hot, bolder-is-better take on a love-themed statement nail.

Candy Hearts

In the mood for something sweet? These candy heart nails are the ultimate Valentine’s Day symbol and a pairing with trendy coffin-shaped tips adds a boost of spice.