Shoot for the stars, ladies.

Star Nails Instagram - Lead 2016
Credit: nailinghollywood/Instagram

The innovations in nail polish technology and nail art in the last few years is astounding (we can't remember the last time we had just a plain polish manicure), but that also translated into overwhelming options. You don't know stress until you have ten minutes to pick one nail design out of combinations of hundreds. If you're looking for a way to really jazz up your hands over the weekend, or if you want your nails to reflect that star that you really are, we've been inspired by these totally fun and grown-up star nails.

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The weekends are solely meant for Netflix, brunch, sheet masks, and manicures, so consider one of these for your trip to the nail salon. We're partial to the chrome because a reflective surface is always a plus, but these are all super cute and fun ways to glam up your nail game. As a bonus, they'll also make typing away at your desk next week much more enjoyable.