10 Square Nail Designs That Are Both Easy and On Trend

Be prepared for a ton of compliments.

Nail Designs That Look Amazing on Square Nails
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Much like makeup and hair trends, nail shapes go in and out of fashion. Square nails may have faded into the background in recent years while shapes like almond and squoval took the spotlight, but as with many other Y2K beauty looks, square nails are now experiencing a resurgence.

Trends aside, the best nail shape for you comes down to personal preference and what is realistic for your lifestyle. Square nails feature flat edges and sharp corners, and the shape is a practical option for anyone who uses their hands a lot in their day-to-day work (like typing on a computer).

So, whether you're in the mood to switch up your current nail shape or want to subtly lean into the early aughts nostalgia that's influencing this year's beauty trends, square nails are worth trying.

Better yet, why not try some nail art for your first manicure with your new nail shape? Ahead, we rounded up 10 of our favorite designs for square nails.

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Abstract French Manicure

Instead of traditional French tips, opt for a colorful alternative. Here, a strip of color comes from the side of the nail bed and extends up to the tip and down to the lunula, creating an edgy effect. We love how this design is used as accent nails.

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Gold Accent Nails

Metallic nail art is having a moment, and adding gold stripes to a colorful geometric design is a fun way to add a little sparkle to your manicure.

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Cow Print Nails

Cow print is one of the easiest animal prints to recreate, and it translates on both short and long square-shaped nails.

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Daisy Nail Art

While you can't exactly stop and smell these flowers, you will find yourself regularly taking moments out of your day to admire your nails.

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Color Block French Tips

The French manicure was first done on square nails, and while classic white tips will never go out of style, rainbow color block ones are undeniably a cheerful way to switch up your go-to design.

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Chrome Deep French Manicure

Just try to name a better combo than chrome and hot pink. Both are having moments in the fashion and beauty spaces, so why not wear both on your nails?

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Squiggle Nail Art

Have trouble keeping a steady hand when drawing nail art? Opt for a squiggly line instead of a straight one. While the bare base of this look is a great option for minimalists, you can go with a vibrant color combination when you're in the mood for a bold manicure.

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Ombré Nails

It is easy being green, as far as this manicure goes. Paint each nail a different shade, starting from darkest on the thumb to lightest on the pinkie. The result is an eye-catching gradient effect. While green is one of the most popular nail polish colors right now, you can recreate this manicure with whatever color family you choose.

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Checkerboard Nail Art

The lavender checks are an unexpected take on the retro design. Playing with size and negative space is another whimsy detail that personalizes the manicure.

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Dotted Nail Art

If simple, chic nail designs are your MO, try these colorful minimalist dots for your next manicure.

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