12 Spring Nail Art Ideas, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

New season, new nails.

Spring Nail Art by Zodiac Sign
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Welcome to spring!

With the start of a new season, it's time to switch up your manicures and give some new nail art a try. But if you don't know what style to rock, then let the stars help.

Your zodiac sign can guide you towards the best look and design for your nails this season. And believe it or not, your nails can serve as a reminder of your goals and help you to manifest your highest good.

Ahead, 12 spring nail art ideas, based on your zodiac sign.


Aries like cool nail art that has a tinge of neon to soothe their excitable energy and passionate nature. Therefore, a modern twist on the classic French manicure is the best nail art option for this sign to embrace their fiery and inspirational sentiments this spring.


Tauruses are the most creative sign of the zodiac. Their ideal nail art will boost roses, crystals, and soft colors. All of this artistry will be appreciated by Taurus, who is a lover of beautiful things and who only embraces the dreamy aspects of love.


Geminis are free spirits who use their airy sentiments to fly around town. This is why the best nail art for them to wear are scenic butterflies and celestial clouds in spring colors. It'll allow them to soar swiftly through the new season's energies.


Cancers are gentle souls who assert their nurturing and tender sentiments in everything they do. Nail art that represents their inner world will satisfy their emotional nature and style this spring. These soft pastel hues are going to calm their feelings and balance emotions.

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Leos are known to be the dramatic sign of the zodiac, as well as one of the most creative sun signs. Therefore, they should choose a spring nail look that satisfies their need for attention and flair — which also speaks loudly to their artistic side.


Virgos aren't known to go over the top in the nail art they choose (or even makeup for that matter). While this nail art look isn't simple or basic, it'll allow Virgo the ability to mix and match other colors into their wardrobe without clashing.


Libras need balance in their lives to center their energy. Ombré nails are ideal in helping them to find their equilibrium and footing this spring. It will inspire them to give life to all the areas that they have neglected in the past months.


Scorpios can be sweet one day and sour the next, which is why they'll adorn their nails with these cute cherries this spring to embrace the seasonal flavor. Also, it'll give them the notice that they crave amongst their friends during a Zoom happy hour.


This season, the archer is getting more creative than ever with their artistic sentiments. Therefore, a cool, colorful, and unique nail look is in order for Sagittarius to show off their chic and individualistic vibes that they are more than willing to flaunt during spring.


This classic marble nail art is the perfect vibe for Capricorn, who is in the mood to embrace their lesser, softer seen side with this pink pastel look that's excellent for spring. It'll even help them fall into the new season freely and lovingly.


Chances are that every Aquarius has wanted to wear flowers in their hair at the turn of the new season. After all, they are known to be the hippies of the zodiac. Now they can adorn their nails with beautiful flowers during spring.


Pisces are a sensitive water sign, which is why their intuition will urge them to try this creative and enchanting nail art that reminds them of the waves of the ocean. But, in multi-colors that have a seasonal appeal. It'll help them flow into spring.

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