Credit: Getty Images / Charles Chua

Forever on the prowl for nail art inspiration? Then you should head over to the r/RedditLaqueristas subreddit. The forum is a veritable mani gold mine of sorts, loaded with real people posting real designs created by themselves. Some of the manicures are a little too difficult to replicate, if we're being honest, but others are relatively simple to recreate once you get a run down of the how-to.

For example, the "smokey rainbow" manicure posted by user Facenoms looks impossibly difficult to recreate at first glance (it even elicited a simple, "How??!?!" from user rach-mti). However, it's totally doable. Turns out, she was inspired by YouTube user and nail genius Simply Nailogical, who posted an easy-to-follow tutorial for the design.

She starts by painting a coat of black polish, then adds a clear coat on top. Next, she combines a mixture of white acrylic paint and water and uses a nail art brush to strategically apply it to her nail. To soak up some of the excess, she uses a clean, dry brush on top of the painted sections. Next, she used an assortment of neon rainbow polishes mixed with acetone and painted on top of the white designs she'd already created. You can finish with a sparkly holographic top coat, or just a clear coat.

"It took a bit to figure out how to layer the white acrylic since it was my first time using it ever," says Facenoms about following the tutorial. One tip that may help you: "I used a makeup sponge to apply the color because the kind I use did not at all work the way her's does in the video," she adds.

This one has endless possibilities, and we kind of like it without the colors added on top of the smoke, as well.