By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jul 26, 2017 @ 2:15 pm
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File only and square shape, please. That’s exactly what comes out of my mouth at every single manicure appointment I attend. I’ve always admired anyone who can rock a stiletto mani or super long, pointy talons, but permanently switching up my uniform just isn’t going to happen.

But a recent beauty discovery has given me the ability to try out the trend Kylie Jenner wears so well with zero commitment. Let’s just say they’re the most realistic press-on nails I’ve ever worn.

They’re called Static Nails, and they’re the first reusable press-on manicure, so you can pop them off, get a regular manicure if you so please, and then go back to the look later on. Available in a variety of major nail trends that are commonly difficult to achieve on your own, like chrome, glitter gradient, marble, and even studs, the nails are secured to your natural nail through an adhesive glue that is applied to the back of the press-on and directly on your nail.

After cutting them or filing them to your liking, you press them onto your bare nail for about 25 seconds, and that should secure them in place for...wait for it...up to 18 days!

This obviously changes based on daily wear and tear and how much glue you apply, but they’re not meant to come off immediately, or even in water. After they’ve dried, you can file or cut a little more if you wish. Taking them off also depends on the amount of glue you applied—the more glue, the harder they will be to get off. But according to the brand, soaking your hands in hot water will make removal easier. They should pop off when you apply pressure and lift at each side.

After you pop them off, you’re able to store them for future use. And when you think about the fact that each set retails for about $16, if you get two uses out of them, that’s an $8 manicure.

Credit: Courtesy

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Me? I'm showing my love for Louboutin's red-bottom heels with a matte black mani that features crimson undersides and a studded accent nail. After cutting and filing and sticking them on, I'd say the entire process took about 30 minutes.

In just one day, I've received a ton of compliments, and no one knew I was wearing press-ons. I don't know if I can take more then a few days of super long diamond-shaped nails, but the best part is that I don't have to.