10 Oval Nail Designs You'll Want to Copy Now

Nail art inspo for days.

Getting your nails done at a salon is supposed to be an indulgent and relaxing moment of self-care. However, it can be the opposite experience for anyone who's indecisive. First, you have to decide between a Baskin Robbins-worth of nail polish shades, and then your technician will ask you what shape you want to file your nails.

If you always find yourself internally debating between an almond or round shape, oval nails will give you a little bit of both. This shape has sides that are filed straight and has softer, rounded edges towards the ends.

These Nail Designs Look So Gorgeous on Oval Nails
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Along with not having to choose between two dramatic shapes, oval nails make fingers appear longer and slender and can be worn both short and long. Another bonus: The shape works well with virtually any nail art design.

Ahead, we rounded up 10 on-trend nail art ideas that are perfect for oval nails. Apologies in advance for stressing you out over which designs to try — you'll want to DIY all of them.

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Striped Manicure

When you want to add a little color but don't want to go so bold that you'll get sick of it in a day, thick, muted pastel stripes are the way to go. Better yet, add a touch of silver.

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Color Block French Manicure

Revisit art class with this color block French manicure. The color combinations are up to you, but look to the concept of color theory for inspiration.

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Abstract Half-Moon Nail Designs

Want to know a little secret? The lunula isn't the only place to paint a half moon. This manicure has one coming from the bottom corner. The stripe on the opposite side is another unexpected twist on the classic design.

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Minimalist Nail Stripes

Let this fine line design serve as proof that simple doesn't equal boring.

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Aura Nails

Oval nails are unique as they don't have to be super long. Case in point: this aura design done in primary colors.

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Flower Power Nails

With shorter nails, simple designs are the way to go. Here's inspiration on how to partake in the floral nail art trend when you don't have long oval tips.

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Yin Yang Nail Art

Nail two nail art trends in one with black-and-white abstract swirls that are inspired by yin yangs.

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Mismatched Nails

Indecisive people rejoice! This nail art trend is for you. Instead of choosing one design, wear all your favorite and add French tips for good measure.

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Animal Print Nail Art

Instead of sticking with the traditional colors of these prints, this manicure includes a black and blue zebra design for an extra shot of color.

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Polka Dot Nails

These metallic polka dots really pop against a sold black base.

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