Naturally, it’s selling out fast.
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Orly at-home gel kit
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If I were to describe the state of my nails at this very moment, I’d say they’re somewhere between complete crisis, total disaster, and absolute ruin. My chipped gel nails look as if they’re shedding away the good life they once had, and they’re doing it in a very dramatic and noticeable fashion. And all of the at-home remedies for getting the gel off have only made things worse. My nails look like they were splatter-painted with permanent (and chunky) purple paint. Surely, I cannot be alone in this treacherous journey.

If, like me, you were planning to take a kitchen gadget and shave off your remaining gel nail polish during a fit of despair, please wait, for there is a golden light shining upon us. Orly — the brand that makes gel polish you’ve probably used at salons — has decided to save our cuticles by selling its professional-grade gel polishes, lamps, and maintenance tools to consumers for the first time ever. The brand put everything us nail novices need to do our own gel manicures into one package. And out of the goodness of its heart, Orly put this at-home gel bundle on sale for half off.

Included in the bundles is: a buffer file duo, a dry brush, a top coat, nail wipes, a base coat, a gel lamp, and a gel cleanser. With all of that, you can get rid of the gel chunks that have survived all of the picking that’s transpired this past month, and then create a refreshing new look. With the purchase of two gel shades, you’ll get this $200 value for half the cost. And your problematic nails (and eyes) will thank you.

You by no means need to be a professional to get incredible results with this kit. First, everything is made with novice consumers in mind, so you will not have to read instructions that look like high school-level math problems (*shivers thinking about the time we had to solve for Y*) to get great results. Second, there’s an instructional video included on the very page you’ll shop the kit, and it’s easier to follow along than any TikTok beauty tutorial you’ve probably already tried. Lastly, you’ve got some time in your day to take this manicure slow, and you’ve surely digested at least some of the steps after all the hours spent at your neighborhood nail salon.

Obviously, this is a great buy for social distancing, but it’s also a great item to have at home for special occasions, girls’ nights in, or chipped-nail emergencies. Having a gel lamp that’s small enough to store at home but powerful enough to get you salon-quality results is truly a must-have. So give your sad nails a pep talk and tell them it’ll be alright thanks to this glorious half-off sale. Shop this discount (before it ends!) below:

GELFX Pink Nude Orly Beauty
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Shop now: $99 (Originally $200),