The Nail Art You Should Wear for New Year's Eve, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Find out how you're going to ring in the new year.

New Year's Eve Art by Zodiac Sign
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Wearing cool and sophisticated nail art is the best way to level up your New Year's Eve look.

The glamour and beauty that these picks possess will certainly bring you a great holiday, and you'll be able to surround yourself with lovely and optimistic vibes.

Here, find out the best nail art for your zodiac sign to rock for NYE 2022!


This nail art is an extremely fun and festive look for NYE 2022. Not only will it remind you to have fun and to stay in the spirit of the holiday, but you will remain cheerful, gleeful, and positive throughout the evening while wearing these bright colors on your nails.


The ornate and beautiful silver detailing of this nail art will bring you into 2022 as the stylish diva you are. Plus, you won't have to add a lot of jewelry to your look, as your nails will hold all the silver and sparkle that you love.


You love to have fun, especially during the holidays. There is no better nail art than this look to keep your head in the party game. The sparkly sequins look like the confetti that falls at midnight, which is why it's perfect for your New Year's Eve and 2022 vibe.


You're not into the glitz and glamour of wearing gray colors, even if it is New Year's Eve. You would rather wear seasonal nail art such as look that reminds you of the snowfall, ball dropping, and party that's headed your way. Plus, it'll match every outfit you wear.


This holiday, you're letting everyone know that you are ready to rock your way into 2022 by making a statement on your nails and expressing your truest seasonal sentiments. In other words, you want to keep calm, party on, and dance the night away. After all, you've earned the chance to let loose.

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You're opting to razzle and dazzle everyone by the dress that you wear. This is why you will totally put on a glitzy beautiful floral print on your nails that will add depth and artistry to the outfit you're wearing this New Year's.


You strive to achieve balance in order and all that you do, which is why this nail art will speak to your inner sentiments during the holiday season. You will be able to harness the good and the amazing by choosing this look that will add order to your life.


Here is a vibe that screams you, Scorpio! Move into the new year with this seductive look on your stingers. You'll be able to bring everyone to their knees with this stunner complete with lace and chain nail art. It radiates the sinfully delicious passionate energy you're bringing into 2022.


The mosaics on this nail art resembles your ability to discuss and learn different subjects on a whim. Also, you need to take a lot of information and philosophies with the incentive to merge them together to create your own personal ideology and belief system for the upcoming new year.


Your zodiac sign resembles the passage of time, which is why wearing a set of clocks on your nails is perfect for you during the holiday. You'll be reminded to cherish every passing moment and to remain present. But also to honor the past while looking forward to the future.


Your mind is focused on intergalactic ways of celebrating this season, which is why you'll choose to have an out of this world art on your nails for New Year's. Not only that, but the colors will bring you peace of mind as you enter 2022 on a chill note.


This gorgeous nail art will remind you of the beauty that is coming into your life in 2022. This past year has been a challenging year for you, as well as most people you know, which is why you are excited to move into a new year on a high.

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