These Press-On Nail Extensions Are So Good, They Last Me a Full Week

They also come in the coolest designs.

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These Press-On Nail Extensions Are So Good They Last Me a Full Week
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Allow me to be vulnerable for a hot second: As an anxious human with a horrible habit of picking at her fingers, press-on nails have saved me countless times from ruining my own natural nails.

For as long as I can remember, my anxious tick was always messing with my fingers. When I was a toddler and young kid, I used to suck my thumb because it soothed me right to sleep without fail. As I got older, my habit quickly transitioned into nail-biting and pushing down my cuticles to the point of absolute destruction — this is a judgment-free zone, okay?

Long story short, whenever I needed a fresh-looking manicure for an event, work, or wanted to stop picking at my fingers, I relied on press-on nails. Most recently, though, the Nails of LA press-on nail extensions ($16, have been my go-to. I was introduced to the brand over the summer when they launched new, colorful designs, and was instantly obsessed.

I also loved that the nails were thin and easy to apply. So once on, they looked realistic. After becoming immediately infatuated, I checked out the rest of the brand options and found that they also offer minimalist and neutral designs if you want a more subtle manicure.

Now, I know press-on nails aren't a new thing by any means, but we've come a long way from the flimsy '00s manicures that came in the most basic colors and would pop off shortly after application. What I love about the Nails of LA press-ons are their durability, affordability, and professional look. And while it's hard to choose a favorite pair, the first one I tried was The Realist design ($14,, which is a graphic, rainbow French manicure.

Each kit comes with everything you need for application including, a nail file, nail glue, 24 nails of all shapes and sizes, and a cuticle stick.

la press-on nails
Nails of LA

To shop: $17;

In addition to the adorable designs, I was most impressed at how long they lasted. As part of my job, I've tested a lot of press-on nails, and admittedly, tons of brands have stepped up their adhesive game recently. But whether it's with glue or the adhesive strip, I find that I still can't get more than a couple of days of wear — maybe three if I can convince my boyfriend to do the dishes.

However, the Nails of La press-on nail extensions will last me a full week when I apply them with the provided glue. I feel comfortable enough to wash my hair, do the dishes, and live my life without worrying about a nail falling out randomly. Not to mention, because they last me a while, it helps stop my habit of messing with my fingers because they look so pretty I don't want to mess them up.

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I find myself continuously going back to these press-on nail extensions for their long-lasting results, stylish designs, and realistic look. So whether you're someone like me who needs a break from their bad habits or simply are looking for an easy, affordable, and beautiful manicure in ten minutes or less, trust me when I say, these will not disappoint.

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