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NAILS INC. The Mindful Manicure Future's Bright Nail Polish
Credit: Courtesy; Time Inc. Digital Studio; Getty (2)

Healing crystals have had quite a year with a number of celebrities endorsing the stones’ energy for helping them reach ultimate Zen levels, along with beauty brands tapping into the benefits of various crystals’ frequencies by infusing skincare and makeup products with them. Now, your manicure can help you reach spiritual enlightenment, too: Meet Nails Inc.’s The Mindful Manicure collection ($15 each; sephora.com).

The four polishes in the collection lend their iridescent finishes to real crystals and gemstones infused in their formulas. The stones in each shade add an electromagnetic power to the polish that is believed to channel certain energy that can heal and clarify a person’s thoughts.

Feeling weighed down by your boss’s unrealistic workload? Paint on “And Breathe,” a rose gold color infused with tourmaline for stress relief and positive energy. Swiped left too many times on Tinder? Pick “Better Together” a pastel pink with rose quartz to enhance your love life and friendships. Feeling down about winter’s polar vortex temperatures? Reach for the sunny coral “Futures Bright,” a shade that’s packed with citrine to boost happiness and heart shielding. And finally, let your true aura show by adding “Good Vibes,” a sparkly topcoat with quartz over your base color to enhance your aura’s energy.

And while there’s no way of really knowing if you owe your bright future entirely to your nail polish choice, either way your manicure will look stellar.