The Nail Art You Should Rock for Pride, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Pride Month Nail Art by Zodiac Sign
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Pride month is here and there are lots of reasons to celebrate, whether or not you're a member of the LGBTQ community. And nail art it's a creative way to express your excitement all month long — or you can save them for any other time of year.

Check out some of our favorite combinations, all of which are full of positive sentiments and good vibes. The one that aligns with your zodiac sign is the best option to try — but of course, feel free to rock whatever works for you.

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These nails give you the confidence to embrace your truest nature, which is a unique and independent spirit. With the rhinestones, butterflies, and the flames radiating every nail, you'll have the power to live your realest and truest life. Plus, they will add a dose of positivity to your day.

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No one has a bigger heart than you, Taurus, which is why these sparkly iridescent nails will speak to your inner sentiments. Now, you can always wear your heart on your sleeves (or nails for that matter) and lean into your romantic feels 24/7. Good times are only ahead.

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You have a dualistic nature, which is why these two-tone rainbow nails are perfect for you. Let both sides of your personality shine bright and be seen during pride month — with inspiration drawn from this nail art. You're free to be yourself at all times — don't forget that!

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Everyone who grew up in the 80s and 90s knows that Care Bears exude rays of goodness, like you. Therefore, you'll find comfort wearing this nail art on your protective pincers that safeguard your heart. You'll use your nail power to let positive vibes illuminate and shine on the world.

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You live for the limelight, which is why wearing 3D nail art will help you take center stage. Your nails will help you get all the attention and affection that transcends to the rest of your pride look. With beauty and grace you can absolutely rock this vine and look.

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You like structure in the nail art that you choose. Being that this five is linear and strategic, as well as practical, he will opt to wear it throughout pride month. Plus, it will serve as your new favorite look because it addresses your creative, vibrant, cheery, and earthy sentiments.

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This horizontal ombré nail art it's a great way for you to find balance and harmony within yourself in the month ahead. It will be a great artistic stand out piece on its own, or with a special matching outfit to boot. It is an amazing standout look worth wearing.

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Simply put: Love is love. This nail art may not be over-the-top in artistry, but it makes its point and takes an exact stand for pride month. Being that you're not great with your words, this is the best look for you to wear — a rainbow heart that exudes love.

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You're always looking at the brighter side of the street, which is why this adorable and cute nail art will boost your aura with awesome rays of sunshine and positivity. The neon bursts of color will make you embrace a fresh perspective and new philosophical mindset during this pride month.

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Checkerboard nails in multi colors are one of this season's hottest looks. It's perfect to wear at the office, out with colleagues and friends for happy hour, at a rave, or a march. You will want to wear this nail art all the time, making it your favorite pride vibe.

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These nails will give you a push to take a walk on the wild side and to embrace your personal power and inner rock star. You can be the real you — the person you and everyone loves — when you adorn your beautiful nails with this cool, chic, and stylish look.

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Being that you have an amazing imagination, this 3D nail art will help you embrace your creativity and artistry. With lovely pearls and charms adorned throughout each nail, you'll be able to embrace your inner mystic as well as your magical gifts throughout the upcoming weeks when you celebrate yourself.

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