The Best Summer Nail Art Trend Is Wearing All of Them At Once

Mismatched nails are the 2020 version of the Skittles manicure.

WINGING IT: This Manicure Trend Lets You Wear All of Your Favorite Nail Art at Once
Photo: Instagram/@kyliejenner

Giving yourself a manicure should be a relaxing moment of self-care. However, painting my own nails always ends up being a stressful activity.

Hear me out: There are just so many cool nail art ideas on Instagram that it's almost impossible to pick just one to try from all of the manicure posts I've saved to my collection.

After spending a solid 15 minutes going back and forth between a couple designs, I give up and just paint my nails the same old seafoam green or pastel pink.

But here's the good news for anyone who is just as indecisive about DIY manicures as me: wearing a different nail art design on each finger is trending on Instagram this summer.

Kylie Jenner is one mismatched nails fan. She recently showed off a manicure consisting of polka dots, swirls, eyes, animal print, and double corner French tips.

"It is like artwork!" says Molly Romah, Lead Nail Tech at Chillhouse in New York City. "For a minimal take on the trend, keep the colors mismatched, but pair it with some negative space."

The best part of this manicure trend is you can completely customize it to fit your personal style, whether that's sticking to a strict color scheme for all five designs or just going with whatever combination feels right in the moment.

When you are picking out the patterns you want to clash, Romah says to keep the contrast of the colors you're using in mind. "You usually want a high contrast between text and its background color," she explains. "Although, too high contrast between design elements might give an unsettled and messy impression. Keep in mind black and white create the highest contrast possible."

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While you won't have to decide between your favorite nail art designs when doing this manicure, you do need to know how to do each individual design. Alternatively, you can just mix and match press-on nail sets from top nail art salons such as Chillhouse or LA's Color Camp.

So before you start watching any nail art or press-on nail tutorials, check out our favorite mismatched looks to get inspiration for your own manicure.

I gotta agree with nail artist Amy Lee: The winged liner is the cutest part about her all-in-one manicure.

With daisies, cherries, and tortoise shell print, nail artist Hang Hguyen's manicure combines all of this summer's nail art trends.

This vibrant '80s-inspired manicure by nail artist Canishiea J. Sams screams summer.

Inspired by How Bout Nailz, LA manicurist Chaun P. turned Kylie Jenner's nails into a work of abstract art.

You don't need intricate patterns to nail this trend. Take Nail'd It by Alyssa's simple lines and bright colors as your example.

Instead of using the same colors on both hands, Iman Gabrielle used a different shade for her polka dots, evil eyes, squiggles, zebra print, giraffe print, and double corner French tips.

This is Winging It, where we're helping you master your favorite salon treatments and looks without having to leave the house.

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