Christian Louboutin Loubichrome Nail Polish LEAD
Credit: courtesy

While no one thought the succulent or pom-pom nail art trend was going to stick around for long, we had more hope for the longevity of chrome manicures. Turns out, so did Christian Louboutin, as the designer beauty brand has just launched a series of liquid metal polishes that each feature a twist to the traditional stiletto, caligraphy-inspired cap. Instead of the spiky silver stiletto heel, the mini Loubichrome polishes (see what they did there?) feature a rainbow holographic chrome cap.

As if the bottles weren’t decorative enough, right? At 30 bucks a pop, the traditional bottles are surely an investment, but at least they’re sticking around, so you can always stock up on more when you save up. The Loubichrome minis, however, are limited edition, so if you choose to pick up a piece of 2017 beauty history, maybe consider rationing out your metallic manicures. The three shades—a candy red, a lime green, and a magenta—are all inspired by specchio, which is a mirror-like laminated leather and retail for $30 each.

Of course, holographic details debuted in way more than nail polish collections over the past few months. Lip glosses and highlighters both got the iridescent treatment, so if you’re not yet ready to give up your vampy winter mani, at least you have options.