Talk about really good news for a Monday. 
NAILS INC LOTTIE18706-Expos.jpg

Back when we found out that there was a Nails Inc. and Lottie Tomlinson collab coming our way, we were ecstatic. Who wouldn't be? Lottie gives us some of the best beauty inspo around. So when the time finally rolled around for us to get our paws on her new Nails Inc. Spray On Paint Can Nail Polish in "Good As Gold," we flipped our lids.

For someone like me who is notoriously rubbish at painting her own nails, the prospect of using a spray can to do the work for me and then rinsing off the mess after is game changing. I might not be able to paint with a steady hand, but I can spray with a steady one. Best part? Turns out this concept is just as good in execution as it is in theory.

Seriously, and I was skeptical.


Upon receiving my can of liquid gold (if you've read our coverage of Pat McGrath's Highlighter, you know we're obsessed with the shimmer), I immediately ran home to test. First, I prepped with a basecoat. Next, I shook my can and began to spray the gorgeous, luxurious, glistening nail polish all over my hands.

I'd like to mention at this point that I am a notoriously impatient person. Yes, patience is a virtue. It's also a virtue that I choose not to have. So imagine my thrill when painting my nails (minus waiting for it to dry) took all of two minutes—and that's a generous estimate.

The spray was even and essentially did the work itself, so all I really had to do was wait before it dried. And once it did, I was able to seamlessly wash the polish everywhere except my nails. Call me a convert. You can pick one up for yourself now, ($12;