Nailed it.

By Kelly Bryant
Aug 19, 2016 @ 6:00 am

It didn't take long for Lottie Tomlinson to become one of our beauty heroes, but she's really outdone herself with her latest manicure.

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Showing off her collab with Nails Inc., manicurist Zarra Celik used the shade Tomlinson created with the brand, Good as Gold, to create this luxe nail look that's absolutely dripping in metallic amazingness. The look layers silver on top of the gold, with a heaping sprinkle of silver glitter to finish it off.

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The best part? Since Good as Gold comes in Nails Inc.'s spray bottle, it's super easy to achieve something similar without having to worry about precision. The excess that gets on your fingers easily washes away with soap and water, then adding the drips of silver and glitter are easy peasy. It's like express nail art at its finest.