The One Nail Polish Color Each Sign Should Wear for Leo Season

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Leo Season Nail Polish
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With Leo season running from July 22 to Aug. 23, this sign marks the middle of summer. So for the next 30 days, we'll be drawn towards fun and excitement, which means you should try to find joy and creativity in the colors you choose to wear on your fingers and toes.

Plus, with all of the intense astrological aspects happening this month, we should forgo convention and choose nail polishes that are high energy and full of life — just like a true Leo.

That said, it's time to buckle up and adorn your nails with these fabulous nail polishes — we're in for both a bumpy and fun month.

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Leo: ILNP Mirage

leo season 2022

Being a child of the sun means that you will opt to wear a sparkly nail polish that shines and glistens brightly during your birthday month. A golden hue will totally remind you that you're a superstar all year round — even if you don't feel like it at times.

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Virgo: Cirque Colors Mystic Moonstone

leo season 2022

You like to wear nail polish that isn't fussy or loud — but still gets you attention. A shade of pearlescent moonstone will give you the beautiful boost that you need to get your look ignited with flair this summer. Plus, it aligns with the milky donut nail colors you love.

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Libra: Bad Tendencies

leo season 2022

Although you're not a daydreamer by nature, you may want to get lost in your thoughts over the next month. A light blue hue will put you in the mood to relax, contemplate, and fantasize over the future. Don't be afraid to get extra creative in your innermost thoughts now.

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Scorpio: Londontown Brill-ant

leo season 2022

You're making moves at work, having fun, and embracing public life by posting pics freely on social media. Being that you're super sensitive to negative vibes and the evil eye from jealous people, you should wear a soft metallic purple nail polish to protect your energy from all the haters.

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Sagittarius: JINsoon Daisy

leo season 2022

Since you are always thinking outside the box, due to your love of philosophy, you'll relish in this multi-glitter nail polish that connects you with different energies (from the many colors in the nail polish). This will give you the opportunity to show off the many sides of your personality.

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Capricorn: Karlash Super White

leo season 2022

The incoming month is super transformative for you, which is why you should use your nails as a blank canvas. White nail polish will help you start fresh, set intentions, and come to terms with present or future goals. Then, you can start bringing your new seasonal visions to fruition.

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Aquarius: Orly Elixir

leo season 2022

Right now, you're wanting to keep the peace and harmony with others. Therefore, a silver nail polish that has a mirror effect will allow you to see and take note of your actions when you begin to act out. Plus, it'll reflect onto others their ways when they act out.

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Pisces: Olive & June CS

leo season 2022

Lately, your energy has been a bit low. Fortunately, this nail polish will add more pep in your step. A light coral nail polish not only ignites your creativity and brings you inspiration this summer, but you'll feel excited, revitalized, and full of life by the end of the month.

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Aries: To Be Frank Sunny AF

leo season 2022

It's time for you to walk on the sunny side of the street with nails to match the positive vibe. Bright yellow nail polish will give you the lust for life that you desire. And, it'll make you ready to have a good time 24/7. Embrace the sweet life, Aries!

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Taurus: Tood Jewelle

leo season 2022

It's time to plant the seeds for your future. Whether you choose to actually do so is up to you, but an earthy green nail polish will allow you to evaluate your goals and hopes this month. It'll help you decide what path and projects you want to partake in.

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Gemini: MiniLuxe Poolside

leo season 2022

Being that blue is one of the colors associated with communication, you'll have to dress your nails up in this lovely hue to ensure you're not a victim of gossip or to stop you from livening up the rumor mill. This color will make you stop the drama from happening.

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Cancer: Nails.INC Sun Street Passage

leo season 2022

Neon pink will look fabulous on your fingers and toes as you splash around the shore. Also, it'll make you want to open your heart and reveal your innermost sentiments that you don't reveal to others easily (because all of your emotions that are hidden beneath your tough hard shell).

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