Nail Polish - Lead
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Have you ever wondered what 116 coats of nail polish would look like on actual nails? Of course you haven't, but now you are... Aren't you?! Now, thanks to YouTube (AKA the place of beauty dreams) and one nail artist, we can all witness the weirdly satisfying sight of coating nail polish. That is, coating polish over and over and over again.

The artist in question, reports Cosmopolitan UK who identified the YouTube sensation, is named Christine, and she apparently received a lot of requests from her 1.4 million followers asking her to apply every single nail polish shade that she owns. Umm, let's just say that she owns A LOT of nail polish. That's basically a nail salon's stock right there.

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Credit: YouTube

And so, Christine embarked on a beauty journey and spent a whole day applying coat after coat. She stopped for a few snacks along the way, which included pizza, a smoothie, and even a bowl of cereal that she shared with her cat.

Of course, she documented it all on YouTube. As one commenter put it: "THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING I'VE EVER WATCHED!!" We couldn't agree more.