By Dobrina Zhekova
Updated Jun 08, 2016 @ 10:00 am
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty

As it turns out, Justin Bieber is just like us when it comes to pedicures. Clearly, he realizes that taking care of your nails is a summer essential, but this celebrity doubles his nail salon visits as bonding experiences.

Ah, the stars, they're just like us!

The singer took to Instagram to document getting a pedicure with his mom (um, adorable?) and his friend, rapper Khalil, at a nail salon in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, we don't have any details on whether he went with a specific color or what treatment he opted for. We're hoping a milk and honey bath soak situation—those are so good.

Don't be too surprised that the Biebs takes nail health and maintenance seriously, though. After all, Bieber is no stranger to beauty treatments and hair changes. He just went platinum blonde, ICYMI. He's also been known to Snapchat his face mask sessions, making clear he also takes skin-care very seriously. We all know that prevention is key in our 20s!

But we have to admit, getting a pedi with his mom is actually kind of cute.