Go with what aligns with your cosmic vibe.

By Lisa Stardust
Dec 08, 2020 @ 5:41 pm
Holiday Nail Art by Zodiac Sign
Credit: vanityprojectsmia/Instagram

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And with the right nail art choice you will be overfilled with splendor this holiday.

There are so many great options to choose from, but we narrowed down the best nail art for the seasonal festivities, based on your zodiac sign to help you find the pair that most aligns with your cosmic vibe.

Find out what you should be doing with your nails for the holidays, ahead.


This nail art idea for Hannikah is literally lit with eight colored candles to represent the eight nights of the holiday. Aries is the only zodiac sign that can truly appreciate the fiery fierceness of these sparky nails, mostly because they are known for their scorching, hot emotionality, and sentimentality.


Sugar, spice, and everything nice is what Taurus is made of, which is why they’ll love the gingerbread cookie theme. This scrumptious nail art will make the bull full of delight and deliciousness during the holidays (as long as they have a glass of warm milk on the side).


What you see isn’t what you get when it comes to the dualistic airy sign of Gemini. Mercurial Gemini will find comradely in the mischievous smile of The Grinch which is why they’ll opt to choose to adorn their nails with this Christmas icon in preparation for the holiday festivities.


Cozy season is Cancer’s favorite time to chill and relax at home. Nothing will make this tender and sentimental water zodiac sign feel as snug as a bug (in a bug) than these cute little penguins wrapped in warm seasonal scarves, which BTW are giving off major Happy Feet vibes.


Leos are known to be the most regal sign of the zodiac, which means that they love glamorous nail art to flaunt. They won’t spare any cost or sparkle when it comes to decorating their claws and paws with the most amazing gems. And, these jewels are definitely worth it!


The winter landscape painted on these nails will make you long for sleigh rides or cordial snowball fights with friends. The artistic view, in plain sight of your fingers, will inspire you to revel in wintertime activities or enjoy the snowy view from your window while drinking a hot toddy.

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You like to give presents — but not as much as you love to receive them. Gifting to you isn’t just about the present or thought, but the box it comes in (yes, presentation totally matters). Therefore, you should wrap your nails in the seasonal decor with extra glitzy, sparkle, and fabulousness.


Dreaming of a goth Christmas, Scorpio? TBH, that’s so you! The art of these Nightmare Before Christmas nails will allow you to reflect by finding the true meaning from the holidays. Don’t worry, you will get in the spirit by finding happiness and joy in the world like Jack Skellington.


Known to be the risk taker of the zodiac, you like to roll the dice and gamble. All the more reason why you will be drawn to the game of dreidel. Having dreidels painted on your nails will remind you to take a leap of faith during this holiday season.


You like the traditional flare of the holidays, which is why tartan inspired  nails with a little glamorous twist will bring all of our seasonal sentiments to light. They’ll have you feeling the holiday vibe in no time. Also, you can match your fave flannel PJs with them for fun!


Although you’re used to the seasonal chill (being a winter and an air sign), you’ll find that the icicles painted on these nails will warm your heart during blustery days due to its beauty. This dreamy winter wonderland will make you nostalgic for hot cocoa after building snowmen with friends.


These sweet nails will allow you to get in the holiday season. The art is festive, cute, and tender — just like you. Not only that, but they’ll keep your mind and heart focused solely on giving a whole lotta love and kindness to others. ‘Tis the season! Ho! Ho! Ho!