Nail Art - Lead
Credit: chelseaqueen/Instagram

While there's no shortage of gorgeous, original nail art out there, sometimes you come across a mani so beautiful that you can't help but freeze and ogle for an indefinite period of time. That happened to me while thumbing through my Insta. feed and landed on a post by insanely talented nail-painting wizard @ChelseaQueen.

A photo posted by Chelsea King (@chelseaqueen) on Sep 22, 2016 at 8:15am PDT

I mean... how gorgeous is that? At first, the art looks like stickers, but every little detail was actually hand painted. Fun fact: It took her a whopping four hours to complete the manicure. This isn't @ChelseaQueens first nail rodeo, though. Her entire feed is full of mani eye candy, and she even speckles some easy-to-understand tutorials throughout, as well. Some recent faves:

The inspiration behind this manicure was MTV and Marc Jacobs, if you couldn't tell.


Lipstick lover meets nail lover.

Does it get any cuter than a geo-meets-cacti theme? NOPE.

These marble nails are legit, and she has a tutorial for them, as well. She makes it look so easy.

We are not worthy, @ChelseaQueen!