Spooky, right?
Halloween Nail Art by Zodiac Sign
Credit: thehoodwitch/Instagram

Monsters and witches and spiders, oh my!

Halloween is here and with that comes extra spookiness. With our minds focusing on horror, gore, and ghouls, it’s time to dress our nails up in absolute frightfulness (with a touch of cuteness) to embrace the seasonal hair-raising vibes with thrills and chills.

And in true witchy nature, we’re letting the stars decide which nail art vibes best with your zodiac sign.

Find out what their prediction is for you, ahead.


You often look to the stars for guidance (after all, you are the sign of the zodiac that represents astrology). Therefore, it’s imperative that you show off your inner witchiness by decorating your nails with spooky celestial vibes, crystal balls, black cats, moons, and stars.


As one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac, you’ll find ease in labeling your psychic abilities on your nails this Halloween season. It will forewarn others who try to trick you by letting them know that you’re a clairvoyant before they play games with you.


'Tis the season to embrace your inner demons — by that we mean favorite cinematic beast and villain. This cool and oddly sweet nail art will help you transform your seasonal vibe and mind. The monster mash was never so much fun and less frightening.


You’re the baddest and most powerful mystic in town. All the more reason why you should emulate The Hoodwitch’s nail art. Enchant others with your creative and magical ways this Halloween by showing off your witchy fingers. Trust us, you’ll be the envy of all.


More often than not, people get caught up in your cosmic web (or vice versa), due to your innate Mercurial nature. But instead of being duplicitous, you can let others know from the get go what they are in for. These nails will do exactly that.

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Your protective nature forces you to hide your true self from others. These glow in the dark nails will allow you to be completely seen by others. Your intimate sentiments will now glow up — the question is are you ready? And the answer is yes.


You are the only sign of the zodiac who has a lot of bite to them (due to your desirous and ravenous rep). This is why these claws will give you something to sink your fangs into — before treating your sweet tooth to Halloween candy.


These nails are a definite conversion piece. Your analytical mind will enjoy flaunting your nails for peeps to see, think about, and discuss. You’ll get a laugh when others don’t notice that Mickey Mouse is a vampire out to cause havoc.


Being an artist yourself, it’s extremely important that you use your creativity to spruce up your nail game. Let everyone see your talent, ingenuity, and brilliance. Spiders, bats, and gore will ignite your nails with passion and flair — even frightfulness and eeriness this Halloween.


Your spooky nature won’t be able to resist these gothic and dramatic claws. Not only that, but the nail art itself will allow you to pay homage to your ancestors and all of the spirits who want to protect you from evil or bad energy.


You are the luckiest sign of the zodiac. But, sometimes you’re not (we all have our bad days). Contrary to popular myths, black cats are actually a symbol of luck — which is why they are the most appropriate Halloween nail art option for you.


Real talk: Your love of gore and horror movies will adore these Creepshow-influenced nails. You’ll also be able to keep your other eyes on your squad and coworkers to make sure they’re playing by the rules at all times, which is important to you.