We Know the Spooky Halloween Nail Art You Should Try This Year

All based on your zodiac sign.

The moment you've been waiting for is here — that's right, it's spooky season. And we're already thinking about the coolest Halloween nail art to do.

But with so many options to choose from, we've decided to use astrology to help us pair things down. After all, your zodiac sign can help decode the look that vibes with your personality. Plus, Halloween is the best time to go all out with your nail art choices.

So let's claw into it, shall we?

Halloween Nail Art by Zodiac Sign
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Find out the best Halloween nail art for your sign, ahead.

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Halloween Nails - Aries

Your passionate nature will make you bloodthirsty this Halloween — all the more reason for you to adorn your nails with fake blood and invest your energies into very Instagram-worthy nail decor. The faint of heart will shy away, leaving those who are desirous in your realm.

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Halloween Nails - Taurus

Scorpio and spooky season is when love makes you batty (excuse the pun. Well, maybe not because it's on-brand for Halloween). Beautiful batty nail art that dictates the inner sentiments you're feeling is a great chic choice for to adorn your nails with this holiday.

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Halloween Nails - Gemini

Wear nail art that takes the evil eye off of you this Halloween. This will ensure that you don't get any negative vibes thrown your way and can embrace the frightening holiday in high spirits. Maybe you'll be able to relax and have a great Halloween — if you decompress.

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Halloween Nails - Cancer

The family that plays together stays together — especially if you're the Addams Family. There is no better nail art for your sentimental vibe than a depiction of the Addams Family. You'll be celebrating and dressed up in costume on Halloween with your brood (maybe even bobbing for apples).

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Halloween Nails - Leo

Contrary to popular belief, black cats are good luck. And being that they're a cousin of your species (you know, the lion), it's no wonder that you'd feel aligned to adorn your nails with this art. Also, who doesn't need extra luck right now?

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Halloween Nails - Virgo

Pumpkin, spice, and everything nice are words that describe your awesome and laid back spooky season sentiments. This nail art will give you the energy to embrace your lovely, kind, and fair-minded vibes — all of which will help you have the best Halloween ever with your friends, colleagues, and family.

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Halloween Nails - Libra

As the most indecisive sign of the zodiac, it's always hard for you to make decisions. Ouija board nail art will inspire and motivate you to move towards being more assertive this month. Plus, it'll be super helpful if you're stuck in a rut. Let your nails choose your future fate.

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Halloween Nails - Scorpio

Spooky season is your time to thrive. Therefore, it's essential for you to soak in all the energy of Halloween and commit to nail art that radiates eerie, mysterious, and macabre vibes (with a cool, pretty, and hip twist of course). Spider webs, ghosts, and aliens should do the trick.

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Halloween Nails - Sagittarius

Being that you're the philosopher of the zodiac, you'll love using tarot to find fresh perspectives on life. This tarot nail art will allow you to open your mind to new ways of thinking, which will help you find peace of mind in all of life's matters.

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Halloween Nails - Capricorn

This orange and black gingham nail art is the perfect vibe for the autumnal days ahead. Your classic sense of nail decor will get an updated twist that can boost your spooky season sentiments.

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Halloween Nails - Aquarius

You're known to be a chill and calm sign, which is why you should opt for a fiery and passionate nail art look this Halloween. It'll get your lesser seen desirous nature lit up and ready to have fun with your besties (which you live for) this Halloween season.

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Halloween Nails - Pisces

Being that you're spooked the most by scary movies, it's ideal for you to choose a nail art luck that is sweet and seasonal. These nails have a ton of mystical and witchy vibes. Plus, they are the perfect look to wear at the office and at Halloween parties.

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