Breathable Polish - Lead
Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

The words "breathable" and "nail polish" may not sound like they go together, but incidentally, there's been an increase in brands creating lacquers that have special, "breathable" technology. This technology allows for air and water to pass through the polish and reach your actual nail. Pretty cool, huh? What's even better is that breathable polish formulations also contain nourishing ingredients to further help keep your nails healthy and strong.

For example, INGLOT's O2M Breathable Nail Enamel has been utilizing this technology since 2013. The brand offers over 100 options to customers, including glossy lacquers ($16, Inglot) and soft mattes ($17, Inglot). Additionally, ORLY dropped a new line of Breathable nail polishes (totally wearing Rehab right now, btw), this past July. The line includes a spectrum of milky and vibrant hues ($8.99, ORLY). Others that have breathable nail polish options include UK-brand Nailberry's L'Oxygen (14.50 Euros,, Acquarella ($16, Acquarella) and Sally Hansen's Smooth & Perfect Color + Care ($6, SallyHansen).

We were curious, though. Do your nails really even have to breath? We consulted celebrity manicurist, Erica Marton of Red Market Salon in Miami, for the answer.

"It's always a good idea to let your nails take a break," she says, adding that it's especially important if you wear gels or acrylics on the reg. "If you're a gel girl, yes, please give your nails a rest, otherwise you can break down the nail bed." That's a pretty good reason, no?

In short, she told us that while breathable nail polish isn't an absolute must – and that most nail polish is formulated to be nourishing anyway – allowing oxygen and water to pass through can certainly benefit your nail health.

Nails that are healthier and pretty? We'll toast a bottle of polish to that!