It's basically the beauty/fashion equivalent of champagne taste on a beer budget. 

By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Aug 02, 2016 @ 3:45 pm
D&G Dress Nails - Lead
Credit: Catwalking/Getty (2)

Every season, the designer collections send me into a frenzy that I don't think will ever be topped. Until the next season. But the Spring Summer 2016 Collection from Dolce & Gabbana really sent me into a tizzy. Every dress, crop top, accessory—it was all just one big love letter to Italy and its amazing cities. Literally, odes to great Italian landmarks were embroidered and sequined onto mini dresses. It is literally bananas how incredible this collection was. But unfortunately, a dress that pays tribute to the glorious beaches of Positano or the Amalfi coast wasn't in my budget this spring/summer.

But lust away, I did... to the point of madness. All I wanted was to skip down the street in one of those gorgeous dresses with lemon print. And it's a good thing that I didn't stop stewing over this gorgeous collection, because necessity (lol) is indeed the mother of invention. After days, but more likely, weeks of obsessing, I realized that the prints, patterns, and ornate decorations of this swirling collection of Italian confections would make INCREDIBLE nail art. I could literally have D&G at my fingertips, but still be able to make rent. That's no small feat.

Me and my partner in crime and editor extraordinaire, Victoria, decided that, well, there was no time like the present, so we scurried our little selves into Valley Nails for some good ole fashioned nail art. For Victoria, she opted for the lemon dress—simple and classic, but with a bright, glittery, zesty twist. This meant a white bright nail with glittering, gold lemon accents.

How stinking cute?! ? Of the two of us, though, I'd say my personal style is a little more loud. If Victoria is classically feminine, I'm the overly girly/flirty version of a Baz Luhrmann filmed encapsulated in the body of a woman. I decided that while I def wanted the lemon element, I also wanted to copy bits and pieces of a pink mini dress that had caught my eye. I settled with a magenta gel base and lemon accents on my middle fingers. But on my pinkies? Just some little umbrellas for accent. Oh, and a "Ciao!" for good measure.

Yeah, I didn't get to wear mini of my dreams, but maybe I'll get to one day. In the meantime, our nails are just as good as couture.