The Exact Nail Polish Shade Every Sign Should Wear During Gemini Season

Taurus will be all about a certain shade of green — find out why.

Gemini Season Nail Polish
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Gemini season is officially in full gear! From May 20 to June 21, we'll be leaning into self-expression in every way possible. One easy way to show the world what we're thinking and feeling is by the color we choose to wear on our nails.

It may be simple, but this is how we can communicate our innermost sentiments without saying a word. And, being that Mercury is retrograde for the majority of Gemini season, this is a wonderful way to let the world understand us on a deeper level.

Based on the current celestial aspects in the sky and being aware of how retrograde is affecting everyone, these are the best nail polish colors that each zodiac sign should wear this month.

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Gemini: Lakur Cabana Boy

Gemini Season Nail Polish

Unfortunately, Mercury is in retrograde for the majority of your birthday month, but wearing a cool blue on your nails will help you calm the frustrations and miscommunications that will occur. Plus, blue will protect you from negativity and bring in positive vibes.

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Cancer: Butter London Warm Fuzzies

Gemini Season Nail Polish
Butter London

This light gray nail polish will offer you a sense of security and grounding throughout the upcoming month. You don't want to be in the spotlight, but rather, in your own cocoon. That's why this color totally aligns with your current vibe, emotions, and mindset.

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Leo: OPI Baby Take a Vow

gemini season nail polish

Instead of running through life at full force this month, take a step back and embrace a chill vibe and calm attitude. A sweet, soft pink nail polish will help you radiate tenderness and allow others to see your kindness.

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Virgo: Nails.INC Planet Perfect

Gemini Season Nail Polish
Nails Inc.

Yellow is the perfect color for you to adorn your nails with — especially since it represents Mercury, who is your planetary ruler. This color will provide merriment and resilience when you're feeling sad. Think of this mellow yellow as a shade to strengthen your heart.

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Libra: Orly Kaleidoscope Eyes

Gemini Season Nail Polish

A bright shade of pink will remind you that it's important to give your all to love and relationships this month. Go the extra mile and let your special someone know that you care and will do anything (within reason) for them.

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Scorpio: Zoya Goldie

gemini season nail polish

You rarely applaud yourself for all the hard work you do, and while you may not get a trophy for being amazing, you can totally paint your nails gold to let the world know that you are a superstar in every capacity.

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Sagittarius: ILNP M E G A

gemini season nail polish

Love, tranquility, and kindness are all things you want to experience over the next 30 days. Wearing an iridescent nail polish will help you mirror the love you get and allow you to give it back to them and others who you want to help.

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Capricorn: essie Set the Tiki Bar High

Gemini Season Nail Polish

A deep purple hue will bring you a lot of luck this month. With this color on your nails, you will be successful in any merger, project, or financial win you're fighting for. Plus, this color will bring a lot of magic to your romantic and personal life.

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Aquarius: Sephora Collection Firework

Gemini Season Nail Polish

This is your time to party and socialize, which is why you will relish in wearing this nail polish that has a sparkly array and mix of colors. This festive nail polish will transcend good vibes and positive energy to the water-bearer and remind them to let loose this month.

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Pisces: Côte No.113

Gemini Season Nail Polish

Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and to paint your fingernails bright pink. You'll be surprised by how much attention you get for changing up your style.

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Aries: ella + mila Mango Pop

Ella + Mila

Wearing soft orange nail polish will allow you to glow up and embrace all of the glorious vitality of your season by having fun — since you are the initiator of spring.

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Taurus: Gucci Melinda Green

gemini nail polish

You're learning to appreciate all the amazing things that you have in your life. Therefore, adorning your nails with a shade of green will help you appreciate all you have as it's the color of abundance.

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