Strawberry Nails
Credit: Deborah Cardinal/Getty Images

Looking for a little bit of nail inspiration for the upcoming warmer season? You’ve come to the right place. The summer months, in particular, lend themselves to bright colors, fun designs, and abounding creativity. In other words: Don’t limit yourself and have fun painting. To prompt our own designs, we took to Instagram and Reddit to find some of the juiciest fruity manicures out there.

Instagram User ilnails01 created this straightforward pineapple mani. We love the clean, white nails and cute pineapple accents.

How about some cherry nails? These are by Instagram user nicolethain_nailtech and worn by kristynmarie78.

We’re digging this pastel gradient watermelon mani, posted by Reddit user barbrafeszy. It’s an unexpected twist on the standard.

And how about this super fresh peach mani, also by Reddit’s barbrafeszy? That has to be the perfect color.

We’re going bananas over these banana nails by Instagram user nhuv.

Instagram user Hopelesswanderer1 created some super fresh banana nails, too. That bright yellow was the perfect choice.

We’re loving the texture and designs on this strawberry mani by Instagram user joanna27d.

Does the “an apple a day” mantra work if we’re talking about nail designs? Design by Instagram user magicallypolished.

This is a fruit masterpiece, if you ask us. Created by Instagram user sydvicious88, who said it took her four whole days to complete the manicure. Now that is dedication.

This multi-fruit mani, by Instagram user thecieniu, isn’t as complex as above. It still incorporates lots of fruit, though.