By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Sep 30, 2016 @ 1:00 pm

Let me first disclose that I do not know enough about football to call myself a true fan. I want to like it, I really do! It's just that I'm uneducated in the basics of the sport, and it's kinda hard to follow along without knowing what literally anyone is doing. With that being said, it's a goal of mine to get in the know, and after I get that sorted out, I'm going to need to find "my team."

If I'm basing it on the location thing, I have some options, given that I live in Manhattan (there are two teams close by) and I grew up near Philadelphia...

But jerseys are expensive, and if I'm going to be committing a wardrobe decision (and therefore a ton of $$$ that could be spent on food or other items of clothing that my closet doesn't have room for) to a team, girl has GOT to be sure.

And while I'm in the process of deciding who to be loyal to, I'm going to test the waters (and the team colors) with nail stickers.

Jamberry recently launched a NFL-themed nail sticker collection ($18 each;, which is way less daunting than forking over 100 bucks for a jersey and an easy way to jazz up my manicure.

The entire collection consists of 32 options, so you can be pretty sure you'll see your pro team in the mix. And the nail stickers, as a rule, are pretty easy to use, though there are some tools you'll need.

Scissors, a nail file, and a blow-dryer are all essentials. After you measure the nail wrap to the size of your nail, you'll want to peel it off and warm it up for a few seconds with a blow-dryer so that it's easy to place and meld to your nails. Then, you're going to want to trim off the excess and file it down. Finally, you'll use the blow-dryer again to apply more heat to lock it in place.

Also important, you'll want to make sure the nail is clean, so that means take off the chipped polish beforehand.

Currently, I have three Giants stickers on each hand, with two accent nails dripping in gold glitter.

The best part, though? I can quickly peel them off if I want to "try out" a new team.

Next up? I'm not sure, but I'm really feeling that Seahawks navy.