These 13 Nail Trends Are About to Be Everywhere

Consider this your fall refresh.

As you begin preparing your wardrobe and beauty routine for the next season, make sure not to forget about your nails in the process. While a solid coat of color is a classic nail art idea, there's no denying that some nail art ideas are surging in popularity in 2022.

"We're seeing a comeback of the Y2K fashion — rose-colored glasses, baggy jeans, crop tops, and raver space buns,' celebrity nail artist Deborah Lippmann says. "For nails, that means we're bringing out the space-age nail polish with multi-faceted shimmers, color travel, and cosmic colors."

The 14 Nail Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Fall
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As popular as 2000s-inspired designs are, Olive & June's Trend Expert and VP of Content & Creative, Olivia Van Iderstine, says that a remix of primary colors, along with neons, is also top of mind. "Look for blues and reds with a fun twist like watermelon or denim blue," she says. "Look for inspiration from your summer memories as a kid — that little hint of nostalgia makes for the perfect mani inspo."

Craving more inspo? Keep reading for 13 of the best nail art ideas to copy for fall.

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Multicolor French Mani

French manicures will always be a classic nail art choice but this year, Lippmann says it's all about multicolor tips over plain white ones. "We're very much into the French manicure with different colored tips and each nail in a different but complementary color," she says. "I'm so happy we're having fun again with nail colors and designs. Nothing brings out your personality like a fun manicure."

Another trendy way to rock a French mani is by opting for vivid neon tips. "Not super intro brights? Make it a french mani so you get a tiny pop of neon on your favorite neutral base," suggests Van Iderstine.

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Retro Swirls Nail Art

Chillhouse Lead Nail Technician Molly Romah says that swirly, retro nail art ideas are making quite the splash. Whether they're painted with a few shades of the same color or with all hot or cool tones, she says that swirl nails are a playful way to welcome the hottest season of the year.

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Chrome Nail Accents

From 3D accents to all-over light-reflecting shades, Nguyen says that metallic nail art ideas are a must. "Any metallic shades, especially chrome-like silver, gold, or even in a fun unexpected color like metallic green, are so edgy," she says.

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Shades of Blue Nails

Considering periwinkle is the color of the year, it, along with just about any other shade of blue, is expected to be a prominent nail polish color.

"Different shades from pastel to light blue are trending," says celebrity nail artist Queenie Nguyen. "It's a great color to be worn by itself or to mix with other colors."

For an especially on-trend Y2K-inspired mani, Lippmann recommends opting for a playful turquoise polish.

"This spring we launched Galaxy Far Far Away, a turquoise with silver shimmer that can accompany any and all velvet tracksuits," she says. "[Then there's] The Woman in The Moon, which is a fabulous periwinkle (the color of the year) which is on the pastel side for a soft candy-like effect."

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Nail Stickers

Another 2020 trend that's big in 2022? Sticker-covered nails (or manis that are so expertly painted that it looks like trendy, individually-placed stickers).

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Neon Ombré Nails

Rather than opting for a single solid shade, Nguyen recommends reaching for a few. "This is a great way to rock neon colors subtly," she says. "Even more fun, you can wear multi neon colors ombré at once."

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Checkered Nail Art

Channeling the '90s and early 00s, Romah says that checkerboard nail art is popping up left and right. Whether you opt for classic black and white checks or switch it up with bright colors, it's a bold nail look that's sure to turn heads.

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Floral Nail Art

"Flowers are always fun to wear," Nguyen says. Make them appropriate for fall by adding moody colors.

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Mother Of Pearl Nails

If you prefer neutral polish or that Hailey Bieber look, Lippmann says you're on-trend for 2022.

"Manicures that mimic the look of seashells with a mother of pearl finish (like our Starstruck nail color) [are trending]," she says. "If you're a nude color type of girl, this color will give you the sparkle and shine with a nude undertone that goes well with every outfit."

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Bright Orange Nails

Forget about red! When it comes to an especially bold nail look, Van Iderstine recommends playing with neon orange. "It's juicy and fun, but still surprisingly wearable," she says. "We love it as a solid mani, but it also looks awesome as a french tip."

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Minimalist Nail Art

Once upon a time, minimalist manicure ruled supreme. While bolder nail art ideas have emerged since then, Lippmann says that minimalist nail art will prove to be a popular choice yet again.

"Minimalist prints will continue to do well from single lines across the nails to horizontal and vertical patterns," she says.

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Candy-Colored Solid Nails

Remember the Skittles manicure of yesteryear? It's still a popular choice for 2022 manicures. When opting for a multicolored nail look, though, Van Iderstine recommends choosing tonal candy shades."Have fun with color and don't worry about making it too perfect," she says. "Pull together some colors that make you happy, and just start painting. The more random the better."

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