The Easiest Glitter and Bold Nail Polish Removal Tips Ever

Bold Shades 
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There’s nothing quite like a shimmering, sparkly, or vibrant manicure to instantly lift your mood. However, our sentiments towards these polish choices quickly take a 180 when it comes time to removing these shades from our nails, and have us reconsidering ever veering away from pastel pink and beige polishes ever again. Instead of resorting to sticking to a subtle manicure for the rest of your life, we’ve enlisted Frances Liang lead manicurist at tenoverten in N.Y.C., for a set of pro tips that make removing tricky nail polish shades a whole lot easier on yourself. Read on to find out how to simply wipe your nails clean of any stubborn glitter or bright shade.

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Glitter Nail Polish

Glitter Nail Polish 

Painting your nails with a glitter polish is a bigger commitment than choosing an Instagram filter. Why? Once the polish is set and dry, it's seemingly impossible to completely rid your nails of it when you're tired of your fingers looking like mini disco balls. Usually when removing glitter polish there's a lot of cursing involved. Instead, try Liang's method next time to save yourself some frustration.

First, saturate a cotton pad in nail polish remover and then let it sit on top of the nail for 10 seconds before wiping the polish off while applying gentle pressure. If you find stubborn pieces still attached, repeat! "You want the remover to seep under the glitter for easy removal, and not pull the pieces off," Liang says.

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Bold Shades

Bold Shades 

A vibrant red polish is one shade that never goes out of style. However when it comes time to change up your manicure, a bold shade often leaves your nails and skin around the nail beds stained. Luckily, Liang has simple solution on how to completely give your nails a clean slate.

"To remove dark colors and reds without staining the skin, only wipe the polish off in a downward motion," she says. "Flip and fold the cotton so that you're always using a clean side."

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