These 9 Earth Month Nail Designs Will Inspire You to Live a Greener Lifestyle

It's all in the details.

Earth Month Nail Designs
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Earth Month is here, and as with any other celebration we observe, we like to show our support in whichever way possible. Of course, there are the obvious things we all do to be more eco-friendly, such as being more mindful about our waste and adopting a vegetarian diet.

These are all important actions, but if you're looking to subtly celebrate the month-long occasion, an on-theme manicure is the way to go. It's easy, quick, and you can switch it up depending on your mood. So, this April, we're painting our nails shades of green, blue, and even adding festive designs.

Ahead, find some of our favorite Earth Month nail designs to inspire your own manicures.

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Ocean Nails

Varying wave designs at the base of your nails are incredibly chic and, surprisingly, easy to DIY. Take two shades of blue and one white polish, then start applying from darkest to lightest using nail art brushes for the super-fine details. Since waves are messy, you can relax on the imperfections — just wait for each layer to dry for the best results.

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Animal-Friendly Nails

Reducing your consumption of animal products is an easy way to minimize your carbon footprint. While you don't need to go completely vegetarian or vegan, a tiny cow nail design may nudge you to observe Meatless Mondays.

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Tree Nail Art

Plant a tree for every one you paint on your nails. It'll be a fun incentive to be more green – and it'll step up your nail game.

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Blue Nails

No time for nail art? No problem! Instead, paint each nail a different shade of blue for a simple mani. The ombré effect will remind you of the ocean and the need to protect it.

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Planet Nail Tips

We love a fresh take on the classic French manicure, and this planet-shaped heart tip is perfect for Earth Month.

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Leaf-Printed Nails

The accent nail is alive and well with this design. Paint your nails your favorite shade of green, and on one nail, gently draw on fine lines to create a simple leaf. The result is simple and elegant.

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Blue Skies Nails

Polluted skies? No, thanks. These cute cloud nails are a gentle reminder to reduce pollution, and they're adorable, too.

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Ocean Nail Tips

This French manicure is an Earth-loving twist to the classic design. For this, use a blue and white polish, and with a toothpick, blend them together for a wave-like effect.

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Earth Nail Designs

For a more uniform look, paint different sides of the planet on each of your nails. While you can't get a 360 view on just one nail, this approach will help you see it all while keeping things simple.

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