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Dior Nail Glow For An At Home French
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Just two weeks ago I was carrying a big box up a flight of stairs when it fell out of my hands and onto the floor. Nothing broke, except for my nail. The tip of it was sitting, along with my elaborately designed pink acrylic nail that was glued on top, in a small pile of blood by my feet. My boyfriend heard me scream in horror from our apartment, three flights of stairs up.

After I got over the initial pain of a twenty pound box breaking my pointer finger nail off, I started to cry. And not just a little yelp but an incredibly loud, dramatic sob that might have made my neighbors wonder if I was getting murdered. It was the day before I was leaving for my birthday-weekend trip and the fact that one of my ten nails wouldn’t be celebrating with me nearly broke me. This was a couple of days before we were all told we had to WFH indefinitely and the entire city of New York shut down. It should probably go without saying that I am currently not handling socially distancing from my nail lady Judy well at all, in the same house where that nail died.

Thankfully I had my acrylic nails removed before she had to close up her salon for a couple weeks. But the French manicure she gave me right after my nail catastrophe is starting to fade, as expected. And two of my nails, weak from the acrylics —and probably my recent intense bouts of anxiety — have broken off. Looking at my chipped nails has yet again brought me to tears. And this probably sounds ridiculous but my nails are a huge part of my identity. It’s hard to look at them in their current state and not feel completely unlike myself.

I have, though, recently done this thing called coming to terms with reality and accepting that Judy and I will have to remain way more than six feet apart for the next couple of weeks. Instead I’ve decided maybe doing my own nails can be my form of self care like the nail salon was. I am still very much an ameteur though, if even that. And in my quest to find simple products to do my best nail-lady-Judy impression from home, I stumbled across Dior Nail Glow Enhancer.

Dior Nail Glow Enhancer is one of those products you see on Instagram and immediately want because it’s pink and pretty. But unlike most nail products, which I find intimidating, it’s actually simple to use. It’s a nail lacquer that intensifies the color of your natural nails. Basically that means it’s a one-step french manicure. After I removed my fading gel manicure from home, I put two coats of the nail glow on my bare nails. The pink part got pinker and the white park got whiter. It’s that simple. In just ten minutes, my nails practically glowed.

It’s not necessarily Judy-level but it’s definitely close and it’s keeping me sane. Now looking at my nails makes me want to cry tears of happiness and that’s an improvement from where I was just a couple days ago. Although I’ll definitely be avoiding carrying large boxes up my stairs until further notice.

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Dior Nail Glow Nail Enhancer

Dior Nail Glow Nail Enhancer
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