Halloween Nails Lead
Credit: monynailart/Instagram

We like to think of nail art as little costumes for our fingertips. That in mind, there’s no better time to go all out than October 31st. So we took to Instagram for a little #nailspiration. Whether you’re going for sweet (candy-corn inspired mani, anyone?), scary (like a 10-digit graveyard scene), or somewhere in-between, we totally got you, boo.

Who says Halloween nails have to be orange? This black-and-blue blocked design is topped off with a sugar skull accent nail. Pull the look together by using the same shades in the skull as you do for the graphics.

What at first looks like your standard ombre is actually a subtle nod to candy corn. Instead of using a brush, try dabbing on the color with a cosmetic sponge for a more seamless fade.

Tow the line between glitz and gore by adding a dripping accent nail to a red glitter mani. Our favorite trick to creating the effect? Use a dotting tool to deposit a pool of red polish, then use a fine-tipped striper brush to pull a bit of the lacquer down the nail.

Having trouble committing to a single design? That’s why you have ten fingers! If you don't have the time to create individual masterpieces, consider nail stickers.

Halloween: The only time when ghosting is socially acceptable. Dotting tools are your best bet here: Use one dipped in white to create the ghosts’ heads and hands, and another, smaller-tipped tool dipped in black to add their eyes and mouths.

Nope, you’re not imagining things: When this pro puts her hands together, her nails reveal a spooky graveyard. Set the scene by creating an ombre base before adding branch-like detailing using a striper brush dipped in black or deep merlot polish.