Color-Block Nails Are a Lazy Person's Dream

They're easy to do — and still look put together.

Color-Block Nails Are a Lazy Person's Dream
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There's nothing quite like a fresh manicure to make you look like you have your life together. However, unless you have the steady hand of a surgeon, doing your own nails can be a whole task — especially if you consider doing nail art. Look, we love the squiggly designs and ombré situations, but not all of us are talented like that.

Thankfully, there's one nail art trend that's incredibly easy to do and looks like a million bucks. All you need is your two favorite nail polishes color, time, and, on occasion, a bit of tape. Trend in mind: color-block nails.

To achieve it, start by applying your base nail color and let it dry. For those with wobbly hands, add tape where you want the divides to be to ensure super crisp lines. Then, apply your second color block. Once the second coat is dry, apply a shiny topcoat to seal in the design, and voilà — it's that simple.

To inspire your next mani, we rounded up some of our favorite color-block nail designs.

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Checkered Nail Art

We could make a "checkmate" joke, but this manicure is too chic for that. Since this look takes time to complete, feel free to play with a bunch of different colors, or stick to the monochrome look for a more subtle, but certainly no less edgy, take.

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Black + Gold Tips

For those looking to take a different approach to the typical French manicure, these color-block tips offer a fresh take.

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Half and Half Nails

This type of color-block is one of the most simple to achieve as all you need is one bit of tape to block off half your nail. Once the colors have dried, take a nail art brush and dab a complementary color along the lines to dress it up even more.

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Nude and Teal Nails

Pastel color combinations are spring-approved, feminine, and more subtle than louder shades. Apply a nude base layer, then add on your favorite light shade.

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Multi-Green Mani

Lean into your favorite color family by using several shades to create this multi-color-block mani. First, paint the tips the same way you would a French manicure. Once they're dry, use a piece of tape to block off half the nail, apply a base color, and once that has dried, paint on a half-moon at the cuticle.

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Fine Line Nail Art

The super-straight fine lines make this mani look incredibly upscale, but all you need to do to achieve it is use a nail art brush and an opaque white polish.

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Silver Nails

A single metallic across the nails can liven up every mani, and it'll look great bouncing the light off on the dance floor.

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Mod French Mani

Color-block nails aren't just about geometric shapes. Take black and white shades (or any of your two favorite colors) and interchange which goes on the tips and base of the nails for an unexpected and edgy mani.

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Spring-Themed Mani

Give your tips a pop of citrus and a splash of bright blue as temperatures rise. The complementary shades will suitably contrast each other.

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