These 12 Coffin Nail Art Designs Are Fierce AF

More nail space = more design opportunities

Coffin Shape Nail Designs
Photo: Getty Images/InStyle

When it comes to nail art, we're all ears. Even more interesting though, is combining a trendy nail shape with designs that inspire us. And while we love all types of shapes (square, oval, round, etc.), it's coffin nails that have us in a chokehold.

Also known as ballerina nails, the shape looks like a stiletto nail but with a square tip rather than leaving it pointy. And it's been seen on countless celebrities, notably Kylie Jenner, Rosalía, and Rihanna, who all lean into creative designs when sporting them.

So, to inspire your next visit to the nail salon, we scoured Instagram to find some of the best looks. From sleek and minimal designs to 3D art that deserves a spot in a museum, here are 15 of our favorite coffin nail designs.

Modern French Mani

This sleek take on a traditional French manicure is sexy and refined. Black is timeless, and we love that because of the nude base, your natural nail growth won't be so noticeable.

Trippy Swirls

It's groovy, baby! Whether you're a fan of the '70s-inspired design or simply just love a good ole' swirl, there are infinite ways to combine your favorite colors.

Nude Flames

For those who want to dip their toes into this bold shape, consider adding a bold design with muted nail polish shades. These nude flames aren't here to play, and we love how cool they look.

Liquid Chrome

Step up your nail game by adding interesting textures to your mani. This liquid-looking set is beyond impressive and is sure to be the talk of the town everywhere you go.

Milky Cow Print

Cow print is all the rage in the fashion world, so bring it to your tips to hop on the trend. Here, we see a milky version on Dixie D'Amellio that mixes in hints of grey and makes us crave cookies and cream.

Nudes on Nudes

We love an interesting nude mani, but you can also switch it up in different monochromatic color combos to fit your mood.

Malachite Tips

Malachite is known as a protective stone, so channel its vibes and energy by wearing its bold green patterns on your nails. Wear it as Barbie Ferreira did in this photo, in a French manicure-inspired way with tiny gold dots on two accent nails. Or go all out and paint it over your full nails.

Tie-Dye Mania

Rosalía is known for her out-there and trendy nail designs, so it's no wonder her multi-colored tie-dye set is amongst our favorites. Everything goes with this type of nail art, so throw in your favorite color combos, shapes, gemstones, and more. Oh, and don't forget to also paint the bottom part of your nails if you really want to commit.

Gold Foil

Keep it sweet and simple by adding a little gold foil to several of your nails on top of a nude base — it's feminine and timeless.

Spell It Out

Let your nails do the talking with this type of design. Ask your manicurist for a simple base that'll allow your message to stand out, then add your message in a stand-out shade and texture.

3D Gummy Bears

Nail art is all about having fun, and this is as playful as it gets. Each nail has different colorways that mimic the 3D gummy bears on each nail, and it's so sweet!

Birthday Groove

This one is for our zodiac lovers! If you like to let the stars pave your way, this nail art design is for you. First, get fun-colored French tips, then on your three middle fingers, ask your nail tech to draw on designs that speak to your sign.

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